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Excursions in underground Naples: information on admission, timetables, tour duration, prices and guided tours, videos, photos and history.

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Naples underground

Under the soil of Naples if this a maze of tunnels, cisterns and cavities that form a real city, the so-called underground city, which extends under the entire historic center.

There are so many legends about this city of many mysteries, rich in cavities, spaces and tunnels which intersect for several kilometers under the roads and palaces.

An experience certainly not to be missed for those visiting the Neapolitan city.

Naples underground history

La birth of underground Naples dates back to about 5000 years ago and is related to geological and morphological conformation of Neapolitan territory which is composed of rock of tuffaceous origin very light and resistant.

Visiting Naples tips

The first transformations of the Naples underground they began around the third century BC when the Greek the first ones began to open quarries to get it out tuff blocks which were used for the construction of funerary hypogea and temples of Neapolis.

The actual development of the underground network began during theRoman times (Augustan period) when the city was equipped with the first ones gallery and the former underground aqueducts which came from the sources of the Serino.

I the tunnel of the aqueduct were very narrow and barely allowed the passage of a man and had the "task" of distributing water throughout the city but, at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the aqueducts they were abandoned as they could not satisfy the city's needs (the new aqueduct was built thanks to Cesare Carmignano who was a wealthy citizen of Naples).

During the twentieth century this was definitively abandoned network of underground tunnels (about 2.000.000 square meters) which, later on, were used as shelters to protect themselves from bombings during the second World War.

Le gallery and the tunnel they were enlightened and, still today, they can objects, graffiti e furnishings kept in excellent condition.

 Underground Naples duration of the visit

The tour has a duration of about 2 hours, during which you are accompanied by expert multi-lingual guides who will introduce the history of Naples from a particular point of view: that of underground tanks.

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Naples underground how to get there

Getting to Naples underground it is very simple as the access to the city is from Piazza San Gaetano right in front of San Gregorio Armeno.

Let's see now which are the simpler and faster solutions to get to underground Naples:

  • Getting to Underground Naples by car: if you decide to arrive in Naples underground by car you can safely park near Via del Sole, Piazza Cavour e Via Costantinopoli (San Gregorio Armeno is a limited traffic area) and then continue on foot towards the Decumano Superiore in Via dei Tribunali.

  • Getting to Underground Naples by public transport: if you have arrived in Naples by train or by bus (they all usually stop at Napoli Centrale) you can get to Naples underground with the Metro 1 line and get off at Museum stop which is located adjacent to Piazza Cavour to continue along Via Foria and turn right into Via Duomo, then take the third street on the right (Via dei Tribunali) and once you arrive in Piazza San Gaetano you have to turn left.

Video Underground Naples

Before descending into the cavities at a depth of 40 meters, there is an informative projection that tells the story of Underground Naples with the help of images, to delve into the atmosphere.

Naples underground ticket price

Il ticket prices to visit underground Naples I'm:

  • full: € 10,00
  • Reduced: € 6,00 for children aged between 5 and 10 and € 8,00 for all students
  • School groups: € 8,00

We point out that i children under 5 years of age are entitled to free admission while I holders of the Artecard card are entitled to a 10% discount on the ticket price.

Times and dates for visits to underground Naples

Naples what to do and what to see

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Underground Naples pictures and photos

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