Chocolate House, chocolate shop in Luxembourg

Chocolate House in Luxembourg, where you can taste the best chocolate in the city, with one advice, don't go on the weekend. All the details in the post.

If the Luxembourg you have a sudden gluttony attack, your only problem will be what to choose. The windows that offer refined pastries are a constant temptation, the most self-centered chocolate shop in the city is the Chocolate House, a must for every tourist.

Chocolate House, chocolate shop in Luxembourg

Chocolate House, chocolate shop in Luxembourg

Chocolate House in Luxembourg

Chocolate House satisfies your sight first of all: the window is a hymn to chocolate and the interior of the room even more.
Maybe too much, because in addition to the counter where the cakes are displayed, there are shelves full of transparent packages with chocolates of all kinds, chocolate spoons to be used to sweeten hot drinks, colorful biscuits and nice shapes.
The result is greedy but also chaotic, the eye does not know where to rest.

The local

The room was recovered inside a medieval palace and is placed on three floors: the first is a showcase for all their products, including cakes. The other two, which you can access via a spiral staircase, are small living rooms overlooking the Palace of the Grand Duke.

Chocolate House, chocolate shop in Luxembourg

I exposed bricks, the paintings on the walls, the wooden tables and the benches with cushions make the environment warm but the interior design on the first floor has nothing to do with what you find in the rooms on the upper floors.
The styles are not harmonic but rather discordant.

The staff is aseptic, used to and consumed by the comings and goings of tourists and the welcome suffers. A more serious flaw, in my opinion, is not so much the lack of warmth emanating from the waitresses as the lack of information to the customer.

Their ordering system is not clear and no one explains it to you when you enter nor is it indicated by some nice sign.

Chocolate House, chocolate shop in Luxembourg

What to expect

For example, if you want to taste a slice of cake accompanied by a cup of tea, you must first choose the cake in the window at the entrance and communicate it, at this point you can go up to the upper floors where a waitress will bring you a list to choose your drink.

The two orders are therefore made at different times and to different people, it follows that if you wait to drink the tea with the cake it will surely become lukewarm or almost cold because between one thing and the other twenty minutes can pass, with two floors in between. of stairs.
Also, if you are not aware of their system, only when you have sat down and ordered what you saw in the window, the waitress will explain how it works by sending you down to choose the cake.

This scene is almost the practice, for what I observed in the two hours I was there, and it generates confusion and delays.

Chocolate House, chocolate shop in Luxembourg

Aside from the classic café, Chocolate House offers a selection of approx 20 spreads chocolate with various flavors: strawberry, apple or pistachio to name a few. If by tasting one you develop one immediate addiction, you can also buy them.

A house specialty are the chocospoon: beautiful and good, both to look at and to taste.
You melt them in hot milk and it's pure happiness!

Chocolate House Luxembourg: cakes as works of art

The cakes are gods small works of art, with colored glaze and multi-tiered. Delightfully decorated in pastel shades or warmer colors. Actually some seemed more beautiful to look at than to eat, I chose a simple one: apple and cinnamon.
I liked it a lot, delicate and crumbly.

Chocolate House, chocolate shop in Luxembourg

My friend took the chocolate and I tasted it but I didn't find it so sensational compared to visual expectations. The prices are in line with those of the city.

I was lucky enough to be able to go there during the week, at the weekend the place is crowded, stormed by both locals and tourists in the city.
Try it if you want to satisfy the sight more than the taste, thanks to the scenographic effect of the pralines and cakes.

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