Tour of flavors with Piacere Modena

Tour of flavors with Piacere Modena

Nice to Modena is a consortium of companies that promotes the food and wine excellences of the province of Modena: Modena is the province of Emilia with the highest number of DOP certified products, nineteen to be exact. The tour of flavors that Piacere Modena proposes is a journey of strong and true flavors, which highlights the value of tradition and the historical richness of these products. It is customary to attribute the Prancing Horse stable to Modena: Modena is much more as Piacere Modena is demonstrating, promoting a varied and exciting itinerary, able to combine taste and tradition.

Spilamberto Balsamic Museum

In this small town a few kilometers from Modena there is the Traditional Balsamic Museum of Modena. The Museum welcomes visitors with a small room where a video of about 30 minutes is broadcast in Italian - it is also dubbed in English, French, German and Chinese - where the history and production of traditional balsamic are told. Then you enter the room where every year the experts meet for about three months to proclaim the best traditional balsamic vinegar of the year. In the attic there is the real vinegar cellar: there are the batteries of barrels in which the vinegar is poured between the various barrels every year until it reaches the age of twelve or twenty-five.

The difference between traditional vinegar and simple balsamic lies in the retention times: it takes at least 12 years for the first and just under six months for the second. Recognizing traditional balsamic vinegar is very simple: whatever the producer, the bottle will always be the same; it is a small bottle of 100 ml, almost as small as a laboratory ampoule, with a red or golden cap depending on the years of storage.

Il cost of the full ticket is 2 euros, 4 euros if you want to add a guided tasting to the visit; the Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am to 13pm and from 15pm to 19pm.

Poggioli dairy

Il Poggioli dairy it is the story of a family that has linked that of the family business to its own history: to follow the production of Parmigiano Reggiano, Mr. 86-year-old Poggioli, his son and two grandchildren. Just as to create a company it takes a lot of spirit of sacrifice and a lot of patience, in the same way it takes a lot of strength and dedication to produce a single wheel of Parmesan: beyond 400 liters of milk, coming only from cows in the area between the province of Modena and Reggio Emilia and maturing for at least twelve months. Visiting the Dairy is an interesting but also tasty experience: you can buy Parmesan at excellent prices.

Salumificio Ferrari

Il Salumificio Ferrari is another company institution in the Modena area: founded in the mid-50s, it has handed down the production of cured meats and sausages for three generations. In this factory they are produced zamponi and cotechini, Igp products, but also hams and salamis in all the variants required by the market. The recipe for the success of this company is respect for tradition and for consumers.

Nice to Modena also collects in its court of consortia:

  • Protection Consortium for Lambrusco di Modena;
  • Consortium of Modena a Tavola Restaurants;
  • Brusche Amarene di Modena Igp.
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