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    La Greppia, Romagna restaurant in Coriano

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    Judit Llordés

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    After several days of fog and haze, this Saturday we didn't want to miss a sunny day with clear skies. So we set out in search of a good restaurant for lunch in the nearby hinterland. After three empty laps (I hadn't booked), about 10 km from Rimini we arrived at the Crib di Coriano, a place with typically Romagna cuisine. We arrived around 13 pm without having booked, but given the people who arrived immediately after us, I suggest you make a phone call.

    Welcoming, well cared for in the details that recall the peasant life of the fields and a varied menu that tries to respect tradition and typical seasonal dishes. This is a restaurant that all the people of Rimini know, and if you want to be on the safe side here you are certainly not wrong.

    The staff is more than welcoming and thanks to the wonderful day, the large windows, the well positioned table I felt at home. The pasta is strictly home-made and the accompanying piadina will never fail. Usually I have to ask for it, but here at every course he got fed up with it. We could easily choose the pizza or the menu Magna Romagna and with only 17 € (minimum two people) I could have eaten an assorted plate of cold cuts, squaquerone (soft cheese) and pecorino, gratin and grilled side dishes, salad, piadina at will, sorbet and donut. However, I chose to go a la carte by spending a little more, but on balance the dishes were plentiful and well cooked. A tagliatella al dente with ragù, a barbecue abundant, half cockerel deviled, outline of baked potatoes, piadina well hot, a quarter of sangiovese. The dessert reminded me of childhood: pears and plums cooked in wine with cinnamon and cloves. Sublime. I recommend it.

    La Greppia
    Via Marano 75 - 47853 Coriano (RN)
    Tel. 0541.657210 Cell. 329.9193082

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