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    Happy Hotel, sleep in Versilia in Pietrasanta

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    THEHappy Hotel is located in Versilia and precisely a Marina di Pietrasanta. The Hotel is an excellent base for sleeping, but only for that. If you have to take a romantic getaway or where to choose it as a vacation spot No.. If you choose it as a foothold, as mentioned, then that's fine.

    The Hotel is located on Viale Roma in Marina di Pietrasanta, the location of the structure is also very convenient because it is located on the seafront and within reach of everything, both from the town center and from the discos and clubs on the sea of ​​Versilia. The bicycles for hire available to hotel guests, they will allow you to see the whole area in total autonomy.

    The Hotel has a nice parking, where you can leave your car without spending an extra euro. However, if you want to arrive calmly by train you have to get off at Pietrasanta station. From here you do not have to continue towards the historic center of the city, also known for sculptures by Botero, but go the other way. Then take the station underpass and exit in a large parking lot which is the bus parking lot. Line number 3 will take you directly to Marina di Pietrasanta, the cost of the ticket is € 1.80 and the journey time is about 15 minutes, you can buy the ticket both inside the bus and inside the bar that you find in the parking lot , it's very comfortable.

    La Happy Hotel breakfast it is nothing exceptional unfortunately. There are good brioches, jams and rusks, but the milk and juices leave a lot to be desired. The good thing is that a lady will make all the espresso you want for you on the spot * - *

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