Eating outside Milan: my 13 favorite farmhouses

6) Agriturismo La Favorita (Piacenza)

This agriturismo has been an institution in the Piacenza area for years now. It lies on a hill from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside and it is possible to go horseback riding in the surroundings and other outdoor activities, without forgetting that you eat very well. The dishes offered are part of the ancient Piacenza tradition and range from appetizers with cured meats and the classic fried dumplings, to first courses such as ricotta and spinach tortelli or my beloved pisarei and fasò, and second courses such as guinea fowl or pork shank (also the desserts are no exception). The tasting menu (38 euros) consists of mixed starters, two first courses, two second courses, desserts, coffee and bitters. A word of advice, limit yourself with the appetizers otherwise you won't get to the dessert alive! PS book well in advance!

La Favorita farmhouse

Loc. Bicchignano - Villò di Vigolzone (Piacenza)
Tel: 0523 877412 –  339 1891385

7) Baita Monte Goj (How)

This hut is located a few kilometers from Como and immersed in a dense forest within the Spina Verde natural park. To reach it you have to park and then walk up for 1,2 km: a short walk in the woods that will make you even hungrier! Don't worry, for the lazy ones there is the free Jeep service. You can eat both in the internal rooms with a familiar and refined atmosphere, and on the outdoor tables on the terrace or among the trees of the park (if the season allows it). I have been there in autumn and the spectacle of the yellow, green and red leaves is magnificent; with a few steps on foot from there then you reach a small viewpoint from which you can see the lake. The proposal includes traditional dishes from Northern Italy, freshly prepared (no frozen products are served and nothing is frozen, every week they prepare espresso based on the number of reservations). You can choose between a tasting menu (27 euros including drinks) which includes appetizers, two first courses and a second course with side dish, or the à la carte menu.

PS Game lovers hear hear! For a few days you have also found venison here. This meat does not come from farms but only from the Comasche Prealps and is purchased directly from hunters with regular license (only redundant animals that are slaughtered within the controlled slaughter plan)

Baita Monte Goj

Via alla Zocca, 33, 22100 Como
Tel: 349 1046482


Eating outside Milan: my 13 favorite farmhouses

8) Farmhouse La Selvaggia (Lecco)

I only tell you that to eat in this family-run farmhouse you have to book several weeks in advance!

This should already tell you a lot. La Selvaggia can only be reached on foot, there is a 10-minute walk to do along a mule track, but the view that opens up in front of you upon arrival is worth the trip! The view over Lake Lecco and the surrounding mountains is truly amazing. It is possible to eat outside or in the very small room (and this partly explains the super-early booking, but not only ...) and the welcome of Firmino, the owner, is difficult to forget. There is a 25 euro menu (all inclusive!) Which includes appetizers, first and second courses of the day. Risotto, stews and grilled dishes are highly recommended. A place where you always go and come back, here you feel right at home!

La Selvaggia farmhouse

via Santa Mari snc - Somana hamlet - 23826 - Mandello Del Lario (Lecco)
Phone. +39 3381740083

9) Cascina Caremma (South Milan)

This beautiful farmhouse on the outskirts of Milan is a bit atypical compared to the others: it is an agricultural and rural but chic situation. The farmhouse was born mainly as a farm where rice, wheat, barley, maize, polenta maize, grain maize are produced, which are grown with traditional techniques, such as agricultural rotation. At the same time, however, it is also an eco-chic hotel created from the renovation of the ancient home of the laborers, tenants and an old barn. 

People come here for a day (or a weekend) of all-round relaxation. The Cascina also has a wellness center which includes an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and Turkish bath. 

As for the culinary offer, you can eat both in the Natural Restaurant and in the Bistrot. The Natural Restaurant offers a revisited traditional cuisine and the tasting menu (32 euros, drinks and coffee excluded) includes 13 courses, appetizers, 2 first courses, second course with side dish, selection of cheeses and dessert (all with zero kilometer ingredients). In the Bistrot, on the other hand, you can choose à la carte. There are many combinations and lunch / dinner + spa packages .. but you have to book well in advance, especially in winter.

Cascina Caremma

Via Cascina Caremma, 2 - 20080 Besate (MI)
Tel. 02 9050020

Eating outside Milan: my 13 favorite farmhouses

10) Capanna Gigliola Restaurant (Laveno - Lake Maggiore)

To reach this hut it takes a little longer but it is worth it, especially if you can take the opportunity to see the surroundings, such as the Hermitage of S. Caterina del Sasso. The Capanna Gigliola Restaurant is in fact located above Lake Maggiore from which you can enjoy a magnificent view from the restaurant terrace. You can eat both on the terrace, in summer, and indoors, in the large mountain-style tavern in front of the crackling fireplace. There are two set menus (a lighter one at 25 euros and a more expensive one at 30 euros, always excluding drinks) as well as various à la carte specialties. The cuisine is homemade with appetizers based on cured meats, pickles and pickles, homemade pasta, polenta with game, porcini mushrooms, grilled, desserts, and artisanal ice cream made with goat's milk. The meal ends naturally with artisanal grappas (excellent!) And the famous Aosta Valley coffee in the friendship cup. It is a restaurant that lends itself very well to hosting tables.

Capanna Gigliola restaurant

Casere, 2, 21014 Laveno-Mombello (VA)
Tel. 0332 602266

11) Oasis of Galbusera Bianca (Brianza)

The Galbusera Bianca Oasis is a magnificent place located within the Montevecchia Park and the Curone Valley, just 20 km from Lake Como and Lecco and 40 km north of Milan, in the Alta Brianza. Galbusera Bianca Oasis is a Charming Organic Farmhouse, which also has 11 rooms and 1 apartment all furnished to theme, each one differently from the other: there is the Hay Room, the Zen Room, that of the Hammock, of the Gardener, of the Traveler and several others, each one more beautiful than the other. As for the catering, inside the structure there is aOsteria; originally born as a cooking tavern Bio vegetarian and vegan, also recently introduced cooking dishes traditional with meat. Most of the dishes are produced with ingredients from the internal organic and biodynamic farm and therefore more than zero kilometer. The rest of the ingredients (such as meat) instead come from other farms in the area, always at zero km. There are 160 covered, 120 indoors, in different rooms well furnished in rustic style, and 40 outdoors in the beautiful renovated courtyard of the farmhouse. For holidays (April 25th, May 1st, Easter, etc.) they usually offer fixed price menus around 40/45 euros which include appetizer, first course, second course, dessert, wine, water and coffee. The Galbusera Bianca Oasis is also a WWF Oasis for Biodiversity and you can take many beautiful walks in the surrounding area as well. I liked it very much !! Reservation more than recommended.

Galbusera Bianca Oasis

Via Galbusera Bianca, 2, Valletta Brianza (LM)
Tel. 039570351

Eating outside Milan: my 13 favorite farmhouses

12) S.Anna Farm (Como)

The S. Anna farm is a point of reference for the whole area, having been born more than 70 years ago (in 1939 to be exact, with Brown Alpina cows and vineyards). The company has a large restaurant, a stable with cows, a dairy (which sells cheeses and excellent ice cream at retail), and a stable with horses where it is possible to do various activities. The highlight is certainly the catering, where almost 50% of what you eat is less than zero kilometers away because it comes from the farm (meat, meats and cheeses above all). The choice of menus is very wide, you can order a la carte, or a fixed price menu of 30 or 35 euros (which includes appetizers, first courses, second courses, dessert, water, wine and coffee) or even different "Tasting menus. Agreste "from 20-25-35-40 euros. For special events such as weddings, baptisms, communions, others make ad hoc menus. The location is very beautiful, large and warm. I forgot, it is located near Lake Pusiano and has a large parking lot.

S.Anna Farm

Via Lecco, 32, Eupilio (Como)
Tel. 031658490

13) I Silos Farm (South Milan)

The simple farm "I Silos" was born as a dairy barn of the Duke Visconti and is immersed in the greenery and tranquility of the Ticino Park. AND a typical Lombard farmhouse which is made up of various sectors: there is the breeding of goats and bulls, dairy and canned production, boarding for horses and of course catering. The dining room is simple and rustic, but the cuisine is actually refined and truly exceptional. Among the appetizers do not miss the excellent Scottona liver pate to spread on toasted and caramelized raisin bread, a real delight !! The company also offers ample space for walks and rides so if you are a lover of nature and good food .. it is the perfect place for you!

I Silos Farm

Via Pisani, Besate (Milan)
Tel. 0290504200  – Cell. 345 4627890

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