Made Bakery in Rome, cupcakes for true gourmands

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I found out Made Bakery, wandering around Rome aimlessly as you often do on a gloomy day. I was looking for the Chiostro del Bramante to enjoy the Mirò exhibition when I stumbled upon the window of this place. I could not resist, I went in and fainted in front of the good things that stood in front of me.

Listening to the mistress of the shop talking to other clients I discovered a lot of interesting things about his history that fascinated and intrigued me. On the walls then dozens of newspaper articles with stories and names of sweets, activities and descriptions that have definitely made this place enter my heart.

To give birth to this project are Francesca and Laura who come from two very different worlds compared to the table and are very successful women in their field, but they have a great passion and one day they decide to dare and with resourcefulness and creativity they found Made Bakery.

The shop does not sell coffee or cappuccino, it is not a bar. But you can find endless varieties of cupcake, cakes and delicious cookies for a snack between shops. Also here you take orders for events and ceremonies, if you are planning a wedding or a party you will find here unusual and non-trivial cakes and indeed, you can make all the cakes you want in agreement with the hosts.

Taking your favorite cupcake, coffee or herbal tea will be offered. In fact, here is a self service kettle as if you were at home you can take your paper cup and fill it as many times as you want. Also magazines, International above all, and readings on the walls, not to mention the company of Francesca or Laura. A place that I recommend to anyone who wants to do one break and discover an interesting place e greedy in the center of Rome.

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