An autumn in Felitto: Cilento's autumn flavors in the medieval village

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A small, precious pearl of Cilento to visit even outside the summer season: gastronomic and cultural events to discover the history of Felitto and above all to spend time with the locals. Find out in the post, Felittese autumn.

Most aficionados will remember our article on a small one pearl of Cilento, Felixstowe. A small medieval village located on the banks of the Calore river. With this post, we will talk about this enchanting place to discover even outside the summer season: so let's find out in the post what it has to offer Felitto in autumn.

Felitto in autumn, why visit it

Felitto is a small town of medieval origin located in province of Salerno and its territory is part of the 80 municipalities of National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano.
The pearl of Cilento is also known as the town of Fusillo and the Gole del Calore and is renowned for its hospitality.
The town is perched on the "Rock of San Nicola”And is located 275 m above sea level.
Today we are here to talk to you again about this enchanting country, where time seems to have stopped in the best years, those where life made of simplicity and values ​​was important.
An event takes place here every year "Flavors Of Autumn". The purpose of this event is to enhance the historic center and encourage the flow of tourists in a seasonally adjusted period.

Autumn in Felitto

An enogastronomic journey accompanied by the rediscovery of the traditional Felittese and Cilento flavors.
The protagonist of this kind of event is the fusillo of Felitto in its "winter" variant: the particular egg pasta will be served with porcini mushrooms and country sausage.
This triumph of the tastes and traditions of Felittese and Cilento focuses mainly on historic center of Felitto through paths of flavors and knowledge.
The historic center of Felitto is full of history and art, from the Arab house to the feudal castle. You can visit it yourself or book a guided tour.

Stroll through the streets of the village

Walking through the suggestive streets of the village you will taste the excellent country wine and you will taste, in addition to the typical dishes of the Cilento tradition, the fusillo of Felitto and cavatelli with chestnut flour, both served with porcini mushrooms and sausage. To enrich the event, there are popular songs performed live.


The menu includes: Felittesi fusilli with meat sauce, Felittese fusilli with porcini mushrooms and wild boar sausage, cavatielli with chestnut flour with meat sauce, cavatielli with porcini mushrooms and wild boar sausage, sizzle.
Tripe with potatoes, sliced ​​with porcini mushrooms, sausage and broccoli, hanged caciocavallo, country pizza or margherita. And again: pizza with broccoli and sausage, wine, Coca Cola on tap, draft beer, water, and of course roasted chestnuts: magical in autumn!
Certainly there will be excellent traditional desserts.

You can enjoy this excellent menu for both lunch and dinner, you just have to choose the best times for your needs.


As always, we can only renew our invitation to stay at two B & Bs in the area that know how to respect everything that the customer can look for in this mountain place. Tranquility, professionalism and genuineness of the products and the person.
Here are our tips: "The refuge of heat"And"B&B La Roccia”Managed by two exceptional owners.
But we can assure you that for anyone wishing to spend a weekend or a few days of tranquility in the small village, they will have the opportunity to discover that all the citizens of Felitto are people eager to tell you and share with visitors the beauties of this small, precious pearl of Cilento.

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