Traveling with winter tires, safe and low cost

Winter is approaching, my favorite season. Mountains and snow-covered landscapes, the many sports activities that can be practiced such as alpine skiing or cross-country skiing, evenings in the hut and snowshoeing. In short, winter for me coincides with fun and snow sports. But how to reach the winter destinations in the Alps or in the Dolomites?

Maybe you prefer to travel by train or bus, however for some destinations the car is essential. Having to make ends meet, it is natural that we think about how to save money without sacrificing security. I prefer theauto and where could I start saving if you don't give winter tires?

As you may have seen, the commercials to buy the best branded winter tires have already started, I noticed this a few days ago. Yet for eight years now I have chosen to buy winter tires online. The benefits? First of all, a lower price on first brand tires, or the best known as they can be Continental o Goodyear for example, then the possibility of observing, on the most reliable websites, which tire dealer in your area is affiliated with or willing to accept your tires to fit and the price they charge. The traditional tire dealer often mounts his tires, but today, given the crisis, they do not disdain to mount those just delivered by an UPS or DHL for us who have purchased them.

I have done more, and after a careful online search I chose winter tires from Czech Republic which allowed me to save almost 40% compared to the most popular brands. Do they work? Well, I would say yes since even today if I need to change the tires of the cars in the family I rely on the same online dealer and the same brand.

A suggestion, the the obligation to mount snow tires starts from 15 November and of course also the websites, the closer we get to the deadline, every day that passes I can apply small increases to the cost of tires, a bit like low cost airlines. So, if you can, get ready in time and the savings are guaranteed.

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