Atina, the Cordova of Frosinone, Lazio

    Atina, the Cordova of Frosinone, Lazio

    Atina is a small town in the province of Frosinone. It rises in the heart of the Mainarde and since ancient times it has been the largest center in the Val di Comino.

    Legend has it that it was founded by Saturn. It is also mentioned in the Aeneid, among the five cities of Lazio that prepared the war of Turnus against Aeneas.

    Nowadays, Atina, in my opinion, is there Cordova del Frusinate. It is as if its historic center were a repetition of numerous Calle de flores, the most characteristic street of Cordoba which owes its name to the numerous flower plants that line it. Well, Atina is a single large Calle de Flores. Its alleys are narrow, white and green. Few are wide enough to allow cars to pass through. There are living stones everywhere, from the pavement, to the common houses, to the noble palaces which, numerous, alternate almost rhythmically with the houses of the locals. The country is silent, reserved. You can walk in total relaxation, fully enjoying the serenity that only the combination of “green” and the absence of car traffic can give.

    Today's Atina is very different from the pre WWII Atina. Huge losses were suffered, both human and architectural-monumental, due to the friendly allied fire which, for excess of zeal, bombed the city although the Germans had already fled. However, he was able to be reborn, rebuild and renew himself, continuing to represent one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

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