Cappadocia, three ways to reach it from Istanbul

Cappadocia is a destination often overlooked because it is considered difficult to reach: here's how to do it without difficulty by car, plane or bus.

Lately the Turkey, despite the fear of terrorist attacks, it is a very popular and increasingly popular destination.

Reading on various blogs and travel groups I noticed that many limit themselves to visiting Istanbul and the nearby cities, overlooking one of the most beautiful places: la Cappadocia.

La Cappadocia it was certainly one of my most fascinating and unforgettable trips.

Many put it aside in their itinerary because it is considered distant and more difficult to reach.

With this post I want to give you some advice to go to this enchanted, unique place that will make you fall madly in love.

How to reach Cappadocia

Usually it is chosen as a reference point Göreme, because it is the place with the most attractions and facilities to stay.

1. Reach Cappadocia by car

It is the least popular method because the journey is long; in my opinion it is not impossible, especially if you foresee some intermediate stages.

It takes approx 8 hours, there is usually no traffic and the roads are excellent and passable.

Along your way you may stop at Ankara and / or Tuz Gölü, where there is the very famous Salt lake.

With a simple Google search, you will find several car rentals available and organize you from Italy (I always recommend to rely on the rentals known throughout Europe).

2. Reach Cappadocia by bus

Turkey is well equipped in terms of public transport, although this solution may seem slower and more inconvenient.

For reach Cappadocia from Istanbul by bus, it takes about 10 hours and the service is carried out at night.

Here you can find an example of timetable and fare, with the company Öncü Seyahat.

3. Reach Cappadocia by plane

This is definitely the fastest way to reach Göreme.

The airport of Kayseri (about 90km) which is connected with the major Turkish airports.

Shuttle services from the airport

To reach Göreme, I recommend that you first contact the hotel you have booked: they usually offer a shuttle for a fee, who picks you up at the airport and takes you directly to the property.

You can also contact the airline because it often has a Shuttle Service agreement at advantageous prices.

Low cost tips

If you want to save as much as possible, you can go to Kayseri Bus Station and take a simple bus to Göreme.

Have a good trip!

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