The treasures of the Capodimonte museum, in Naples

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Capodimonte Museum, timetables, prices and how to get there. The Museum is located inside the majestic Capodimonte wood and houses collections of artists of world importance, read the post.

Il museum of Capodimonte, which is located inside the majestic Capodimonte wood, a Naples, houses collections of artists of world importance. If you are in Naples, I advise you not to underestimate it, because it is a real surprise.

I'm a little ashamed of it, but in 18 years of living in Naples, I had never been to the Capodimonte museum. It took more than 10 years for me to visit it, during the holidays when I returned to my hometown. And I do not hide the thrill and pride of having such a treasure in my city. The majestic Palace of Capodimonte, with its beautiful gardens, it was a long time home of the Bourbons, the Bonapartes and other royal families.

What to see at the Capodimonte Museum

I am not an art expert, but the Capodimonte museum is a mine of works of universal importance. And I think some people don't even know that works by very important artists are exhibited here. Inside the museum you will find galleries of ancient and contemporary art and a gorgeous historic apartment, which is perhaps the part that thrilled me the most.

Opened in 1957, here you can admire paintings of the Farnese collection, (which includes great names such as Parmigianino, Raffaello, Tiziano, Ludovico Carracci) and Neapolitan Gallery, which includes artists linked to the Neapolitan city. The works of the latter have over the years been taken from the churches of the area, to be kept safe inside the museum.

Those who prefer contemporary art will also find here a collection of which the work is part Vesuvius of the known Andy Warhol. The museum is very large, in fact I recommend at least half a day to be able to see it well. To the first floor there are the Galleria Farnese, the Borgia collection, the Reale apartment, the porcelain collection, the De Ciccio collection and the Farnese and Bourbon armory.

Al second floor there are the Neapolitan Gallery, the d'Avalos collection, the Avalos tapestry room and the contemporary art section, which also continues on the third floor where there are also the Nineteenth Century Gallery and the photo gallery.

The opening hours of the Capodimonte museum

The museum is open from 8.30 to 19.30, every day except Wednesday. You can make free visits or with the accompaniment of a guide. The entrance ticket costs 8 euro full and 4 euro reduced, while it is free for children under 18. Some areas of the museum can be visited by appointment only.

How to get to the Capodimonte museum

To get to the Capodimonte museum, you can use the shuttle service Shuttle Capodimonte Museum. The bus leaves every day (except Wednesday) from different areas of Naples and leads directly to the museum, with runs every hour. The return ticket for the shuttle costs 12 euros and also includes admission to the museum.
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