Eat a sandwich at Tripoli, on the beach in Rimini

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There is no summer that doesn't start, at least for me, with a nice Tripoli sandwich. What is Tripoli? If you are on vacation a Rimini at least once you have to drop by. It is a restaurant and bar located at the bathing establishment n. 42 in front of what is now called (for some years) piazza Beato Marvelli, but which has always been known as piazza Tripoli and the Rimini people still call it this way.

For some, the summer season begins with a journey, perhaps with a day at the beach or in the mountains, instead my summer begins like this, or biting into what is for me the best sandwich in Rimini accompanied by a refreshing beer, for lunch or dinner. it matters. I do not deny that it has almost become a ritual.

But what is it that makes this sandwich special? First of all it is served hot and it is a stuffed ciabatta inside with ham, mushrooms, fontina, a leaf of lettuce, mayonnaise, hard-boiled egg. Tasty to say the least, and the weight of the sandwich then justifies the price, that is 6 € once seated at the table and served.

Tripoli is also a restaurant, so if you want to eat a first course of fish such as tagliolino allo scoglio or passatelli with clams and shrimps, don't worry, the menu is rich in choices.

However, I recommend that you book, especially at lunchtime, because it is always full despite having plenty of seats and all indoors between umbrellas and veranda. Eating by the sea, also caressed by the sea breeze, makes everything even more special. Of course the sandwich is called Tripoli and once you have eaten you are good until evening and beyond.

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