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    Il Tagliapasta, Grosseto's historic center: review

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    A great place in the historic center of the city, easy to reach and really welcoming. Typical Maremma cuisine to lick your lips, including desserts! The restaurant is mainly made of wood and furnished with style.

    You think it is impossible to enjoy a good dinner at an acceptable price in center of Grosseto? Well, you are wrong! The Tagliapasta in Grosseto is located in Via Fucini 12: with this choice you are on the safe side. A stone's throw from the historic center is this not very large restaurant but with an exceptional cuisine, typical of the Maremma. Read on and I'll explain why I recommend it.

    Tagliapasta in Grosseto: what to expect

    Menu and prices

    As the name implies, the specialty of Il Tagliapasta restaurant in Grosseto is definitely fresh pasta. It is homemade, and it feels! The cook is a first course magician, and I recommend you try hers Maremma tortelli: a delight! They are not far behind either noodles, with the savory wild boar ragout.

    This restaurant also excels on seconds. The menu includes both meat and fish dishes, very fresh and sometimes with particular but well-chosen combinations. As for the second courses of meat, I suggest you try the pork tenderloin with cheese fondue and pears. A dish in itself simple but that will make you lick your mustache. You will really want to ask the cook for the recipe to replicate it even at home!

    Last but not least… The cheescake! Another workhorse of Tagliapasta's kitchen. It is not a typical Tuscan dessert, but it melts in your mouth leaving a great desire to return to this fantastic restaurant. If you prefer something more typical instead, you will be satisfied with other tempting proposals, among which there will certainly be the chocolate salami. What a scent of Alchermes!

    As for drinks, feel free to ask the staff for a suggestion on wine best suited to the menu you have chosen. You will see that you will not regret it. Most of the wines offered are local or in any case Tuscan; ideal for enhancing the flavors of this land.

    Arrived at tale you won't have any nasty surprises. The prices are in the norm, rather contained given the quality of raw materials. In addition, during the week the prices are lowered to menus from a few euros for workers who choose to spend their lunch break there. During the holidays such as Christmas and Easter instead they are offered fixed menus at affordable prices. There is also the possibility of choosing a partial menu, so without the first or without the second, and in this case obviously the price drops.

    Location and services

    The place is nice and the main material is the wood. On the walls you will find objects that recall the Maremma, joking phrases, proverbs or funny idioms, which will brighten the wait. It is easily accessible even to people with disabilities.

    As regards the service, the times between courses are not exaggerated. If you happen to go for lunch, on a low-traffic day, you will expect very little. The organization ensures that mistakes with orders are very rare. The dining room staff is always courteous, smiling and prepared. I are also welcome dogs.

    Due to its location, The Tagliapasta of Grosseto it is often frequented by the employees of the nearby offices at lunchtime, but this does not create a great crowd anyway. In the evening, on weekends, however, the place is more popular and I recommend you book to avoid not finding a place.
    There is also the possibility to book the place to organize birthdays and parties.

    How to reach the venue

    The area is quite busy and there aren't many parking lots, if not paid in the neighboring streets. For example along via Matteotti and a little further away in via Manetti. However, you might get lucky and find a place wandering around the side streets that connect via Roma to via Mameli.
    If, on the other hand, you are in the historic center and you are on foot, take Corso Carducci towards the north continuing on Via Fallaci. When you arrive in Piazza della Tub, take Via Matteotti, the road between the post office building and the modern bank building. Continue on Via Matteotti for about 300 meters, then take Via Fucini. It is the second street on the right. Walk another 50 meters and on the left sidewalk you will notice the Tagliapasta.

    Opening time

    Sunday to Thursday: 12: 30–14: 30 and 20: 00–22: 00

    Closed on Friday

    Saturday: 20: 00-22: 00

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