Romeo the new cheap & chic of Roman restaurants

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Romeo chef & baker is the new venue that combines a restaurant-gastronomy formula, inaugurated at the end of 2012 in via Silla in Rome. Romeo is a truly original restaurant where design and good food go hand in hand.

Built in the place of an old workshop, from which it takes its name, the restaurant is open from 9 in the morning until evening except Sundays. The ceiling is composed of a composition of red structures, skylights and white clouds surrounded by clusters of diodes.

Spacious and bright, it bakes bread, pizza and sells gastronomic products, but for lunch and dinner, it turns into a real restaurant where the quality is indisputable.

The whole cuisine is characterized by fresh and excellent dishes such as the oxtail and the half moons stuffed with ricotta, tomato sauce with gin. But there are also simple dishes such as spaghetti alla carbonare and burrata.

Of course there are meats and cheeses and desserts such as the famous pumpkin and chocolate cheesecake.

Romeo chef & bakery it has an excellent quality / price ratio even if you do not overdo it because the bill can go up easily!

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