The Gambia. Smaller Africa

    The Gambia. Smaller Africa

    Do you have Africa in your heart?
    Well, real Africa isn't as far away as it seems. You can feel the heart of Africa even with a few hours of travel: there is a small state, still little known by traditional tourists, located along the west and pot-bellied coast of the African continent and almost totally included within the borders of Senegal: the Gambia (The Gambia, as named on the maps).

    A vacation of one week in May it is ideal, but also in December it is pleasant to spend the winter there: i low cost flights allow you to anticipate the rainy season and enjoy the true unspoiled landscapes of Africa! An intact sea and wild and luxuriant nature await you.

    Flights from Barcelona with a stopover in Madrid and arriving in Banjul at really affordable costs are not a rarity: they must only be booked a few months in advance! The route is managed by Vueling and there are many hotels, villages, residences that maintain the local characteristics and are not owned by the big world hotel chains. Tripadvisor selects and reviews some very interesting ones, located along the coast south of Serrekunda.

    Walk for Banjul it will make you feel part of the black continent, move with the off-road vehicle, or with the local cruise boats, along the Gambia river will make you feel more and more in the center of the truest Africa, and further on you can get to the border with Senegal between natural wonders and extended time.

    Africa is a matter of instinct, you don't need great reasons to go there, just heart!

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