Pure and organic, ice cream also gluten-free in Rimini

Pure and Bio is an ice cream shop located in via Marecchiese a Rimini. What is different from the others? Pure and organic it is made by craftsmen with passion, so it says as soon as you enter the ice cream shop.

The place is very large even if it is very hot and does not take the phone: D to say.
The staff are really nice and the great feature of this venue is that there is something for all tastes, literally.

All flavors of ice creams are gluten free, except one which is made with cookie pieces. The ice cream here is really inviting with tubs that hold it just like they once did, inside some steel bells. But ice cream isn't the place's only highlight. Here there is a place to sit outside and inside and once you have finished your cone (or your cup) you can safely drink "the mayor's water": D

In addition to ice cream there are also yogurt, smoothies e granite, all a 3€. Ice cream, on the other hand, costs € 2 for the smallest, € 3 for the largest. A half-kilo tub comes 7€. I can assure you that it is worth it, even if some people have told me it tastes a little too much milk… .but seeing is believing.

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