Armenia and its cuisine, some advice

    I have already told you aboutArmenia, a country that struck me a lot for the still unspoiled landscape, for the wealth of monasteries, castles, churches and mosques, for the history behind it, for the simplicity and hospitality of the population.

    I haven't told you yet, however, about the food, another experience that pleasantly struck me throughout my stay in the country: le recipes they are always very housewives, even going to eat in some place rather than at the home of the locals as it has happened to me many times; the ingredients and preparations seem to be a marriage of Russian traditions, Greek, shutters e Arab, nations that, historically, have dominated and influenced this Caucasian region.

    The khoravats, ie the barbecue: you will find great grills along the way, in front of the bars, full of skewers of pork, lamb, chicken and beef at really cheap prices. Along the Sevan lakeInstead, on the grill you will find the famous trout caught in the lake itself, sublime. But also the vegetables and soups they are an integral part of the Armenian table, together with the famous bread, thin and somewhat chewy, called lavash.

    Appetizers, as in all Arab nations, are always present and range from cold salads, cheeses to sauces such as jajik, yogurt with fennel and cucumbers. Between the desserts, don't miss the baklava (sweet covered with honey) and the kedayif (a kind of crunchy pastry).

    Strong coffee is the favorite drink of the Armenians, but so is tea and fruit juices they are widespread throughout the region; among the spirits, cognac is certainly the national liqueur and the drinking culture is quite developed, even if I remind you that drunkenness is not allowed, especially among women. A pair of curiosity: if you want to make a toast it is a good idea to keep your glass lower than that of the neighbor as a sign of respect, if you finish the last sip of a bottle it is synonymous with good manners that you order another one.

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