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We chose the Morocco to spend the new year, and it was a unique experience.

We started on December 28 with 3 ° C, we arrive at Marrakech and we find an amazing climate: sun and spring temperatures.

Morocco on New Year's Eve ideas, useful tips and information

The impact with the city is particular: the clouds are colored red, large avenues lined with flowers, roses in bloom.

Everything is almost summer.

We enter the streets until we reach the famous minaret that overlooks the illuminated city.

La market Square teems with life even at night.

The first impact is fantastic.

Morocco what to see and places to visit

The following morning wake up at 6.00 destination Casablanca: modern, industrial city with buildings similar to ours (the square, the buildings, the mosque).

Large immense modern close to the sea ... the ocean. We leave immediately for Rabat where we arrive before sunset in time to enjoy the beautiful view: the mausoleum, torre in Hassan, Royal Palace, mosque… The sunset, the African sickness.

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The journey continues with a leap into the past, in Roman times with the rovine di Volume, holy city of the Mohammedans Moulay Idris and ends with the arrival a Meknes.

Here we see the city gates, the mosque, the stables and the granaries.

The next stop is Fes.

The visit takes us a whole day, the most interesting part is certainly the medina and the Kasbah ... twisted streets that chase each other, cut each other, find themselves and get lost, tourists, women, men, children, mules, camels, dromedaries ... everything , moreover.

We visit a tannery and are struck by the smell of the leather and the colors.

If you return to Marrakech.

Here we find the real Morocco: evocative corners, frenzy, life.

The square is full of people at any time of day or night: dentist, snake charmer, dice players, date vendors, fresh fruit and food tables.

What to say about Morocco: smells, tastes, colors, sounds… we can summarize it here.

A unique, incredible experience ... a people, a mixture of ethnic groups, lovable, genuine.

In this season of the year it is particularly green and makes you forget the idea of ​​a desert land.

A folkloric note: the visit of the Berber village… Certainly touristy but the only one perhaps close to our idea of ​​Morocco.

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