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Marrakesh advice and information

Marrakech o Marrakesh is the fourth largest city in the Morocco, was born in the central southern area of ​​the country 150 km from the coast ofAtlantic Ocean and is also known as the Red City.

The city of Marrakech was founded in 1062 by Abu Bakr Omar and is the most important of Imperial Cities (the others are Fes, Meknes and Rabat).

Marrakesh of divides into old City which is very fascinating where you can immerse yourself in the culture of the past and in the new city known as the Ville nouvelle where you can relax in one of the many cafe e bistro or you can do Shopping in one of the many luxury shops.

Recall that the people of Marrakech he is very kind and hospitable, he is honest with tourists and the food is nothing short of exceptional.

Marrakech what to see

Marrakech it is a beautiful city, it is the city where you can admire many things starting from charmers of snakes ai ballad singer in short, it is a city with a unique and unmistakable culture and charm.

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Let's find out together what to see and which are the greatest places of interest in Marrakech:

Piazza Jemaa el Fna Marrakech

La Piazza Jemaa el Fna is the beating heart of Marrakech, you too will be enchanted by the magical notes of the sepenti charmers, you can listen to the ballad singer who will tell you stories of distant worlds and you can go shopping among the thousands of stalls in the square.

Un advice that we give you is to sip a fresh mint tea, during the hottest hours, in one of the many cafe overlooking the square while at sunset we advise you to experience the square as the real show begins.

Koutoubia Marrakech Mosque

La Koutoubia Mosque it is located next to the main square and consists of a majestic minaret 77 meters high.

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We remind you that if you are from Muslim religion you cannot access the mosque but you can only admire the beautiful ones gardens and the exterior of the building.

Souk Marrakech

Il Souks in Marrakech is a colorful market where any tourist is able to lose their bearings among the beautiful narrow streets and the very particular landscape.

Here you will be able to admire any type of merchandise and you can haggle without any problem bags, carpets, Jewelry and all kinds of local handicrafts.

Palazzo El Bahia Marrakech

Il El Bahia Palace is a beautiful building considered a masterpiece oftraditional Moroccan architecture.

The building was built in 1800 at the behest of the Grand Vizier Dar Si Moussa, was considerably enlarged by his son and was given the name of Bahia which means beauty and brilliance.

Other things to see e places of interest in Marrakech I'm:

  • Majorelle Gardens
  • Giardini Tower
  • Tombe Sadiane
  • Marrakech Museum
  • Royal Palace
  • Le Jardin Secret
  • Museo Dar Si Said
  • Museum of Islamic Art

Marrakech mappa

Marrakech when to go, climate and temperatures

Il Marrakech's climate is subtropical semi-desert with hot summers and mild winters.

Le minimum temperatures during the winter they oscillate between 6 ° and 15 ° (sometimes it even touches 0 °) while the maximums oscillate between 8 ° and 18 ° (it could happen to reach temperatures of 30 ° even in winter when the wind blows from the south).

Le temperature minime during the summer period they oscillate between 15 ° and 22 ° (there could be a considerable temperature range) while the maximums oscillate between 27 ° and 37 ° (it cannot be excluded that temperatures can reach over 40 °).

When to go to Marrakech

Il best time to go to Marrakech it is from March to May and from September to mid-November as temperatures are more bearable and the risk of rain is very low.

Marrakech photos and images

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