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Mara Alam Egypt

Marsa Alam it's a small one fisherman villageie it is located on the west coast of the Red Sea in Egypt.

Until recently this beautiful seaside resort it was reachable only with the cruise ships but, at present, it has become one tourist destination highly coveted like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.

Marsa Alam is located near the Tropic of Cancer where they meet the Sahara Desert and the charming Red Sea which in its waters constitutes one fauna and a marine fauna among the most beautiful and appreciated in the world.

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Marsa Alam excursions

A Marsa Alam you can choose from an infinity of excursions to do and there we strongly recommend that you choose those organized by local agencies that will only take you in safe and secure places without having any kind of consequence.

Here is according to the traveler reviews what are the most beautiful excursions in Marsa Alam:

the quseir

the quseir It's a small one port city which is a short distance from Marsa Alam and is, therefore, one of the excursions simpler, more practical and less risky.

This beautiful town owes its charm thanks to the pristine underwater landscapes and thanks to the Mosque of The Takiwa and Al-Quseir fortress.

More escursioni da fare a Marsa Alam I'm:

  • Gebel Elba National Park: is the border with Sudan and is home to beautiful dunes, desert plains and mangrove forests.

  • Aswan: very beautiful but very demanding excursion as the city is about 360 km from Marsa Alam where you can visit the temple of Philae, the famous dam and the unfinished obelisk.

Marsa Alam tips and information
  • Luxor: another excursion not to be missed even if quite far from Marsa Alam (about 350 km) where you can visit ancient Thebes, the colossi of Memnon and the Temples of Karnak and Luxor. Recall that this exciting excursion ends at the Valley of the Kings.

  • Sharm El Loli: it is the excursion suitable for lovers of the sea as you can admire and spend a day in the enchanting Baia della Perla which hosts a Caribbean-style sea and beach.

According to what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (during these somewhat eventful periods due to ISIS threats) it is better avoid excursions north of Sinai, to Cairo and the Monastery of St Catherine.

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