Oonas Dive Sharm, relaxation and wifi in Sharm

    Oonas Dive Sharm, relaxation and wifi in Sharm

    THEOonas Dive Sharm is a place that a Sharm el Sheikh he has me really impressedor for many reasons. The restaurant is located at the beginning of the walk that leads to the center of Naama Bay (or at the end, depending on where you take it), right in front of all the hotels and is practically on the beach. Here is the hotel at the top, where I haven't been, while at the bottom a diving center and a bar.

    What I've tried over and over and over :) is the bar. Why did I try it? Why it's wonderful.
    First of all also here as in all the bars / clubs / hotels in Sharm only men work, but unlike the other places no one looks at you "insistently", makes jokes or tries to give you something. Here is, but really eh, the rule of Live and let live.

    Another very important thing, as soon as I sat down, the boy who was there even before giving me the menu gave me a piece of paper with the password to access wifi, free. One thing not to believe. The atmosphere and the environment are very relaxing indeed. You can also stay a couple of hours by consuming a Cappuccino, which by the way is not too bad either, or a tea, often hot or a soup.

    Also the morning is done Breakfast Buffet, including coffee, for about 25 Egyptian pounds 3€, really amazing, and the food is like that of the hotel!

    Last positive note, the place is located right in front of the beach, so sometimes it is possible sunbathe continuing to use the wifi, I say this for those who have taken theSonesta hotels and they cannot access the hotel connection, because it costs 120 € per week -.-

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