Sharm el Sheikh: Ras Mohammed a natural park

Ras Mohammed it is the second most beautiful coral barrira in the world after the Australian one and I must say that having been there was a real spectacle. The locality is located outside of Sharm that's why to reach it you should rely on a travel agency, it is very important bring the document with whom you entered the country always with you because you have to leave and return to Sharm practically.

How to get there: from Naama Bay are about 40 minutes by bus, you can rely on the hotel where you are staying or an agency outside this. In general they say that external agencies are cheaper, if perhaps less secure. After the 40 minute bus ride you will arrive at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula become National Park in 1983.

What you will find here? Mangroves, plants that grow in the desert and are an excellent refuge for birds and when there is low tide, lots of crabs of different colors. In the part where the mangroves "live" it is forbidden by law to swim, so you can only photograph them. In addition to the mangroves the tour will take you snorkeling (or to sunbathe according to your preferences: P) both in Gulf of Suez in that Gulf of Aqaba. The wetsuit, fins and everything you need can be rented before leaving and in any case just ask the appropriate guide.

The whole excursion lasts about one half day, mine started at 8 and finished at 13.30, but it also lasts a full day if you take the package with camel and desert tea, which I avoided. The cost? on 25€, not very little but not too little considering that it is an excursion than alone you could hardly do.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. Whether for the excursion they charge you 20 € or 40 € including meal and tour, in my opinion it is worthwhile, if only because you are admiring one of the most spectacular natural beauties in the world.

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