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Holiday Beach Resort Marsa Alam

We have recently returned from the splendid Marsa Alam.

My friend Sara and I left last week with a flight from Rome.

The trip was perfect both for the time, both for the staff and for the breakfast.

Upon arrival in Egypt the assistant explained how to fill in the various papers and within half an hour we were already on the mini bus headed toHoliday Beach Resort.

A real sight .. to the point that we rubbed our eyes, it was much better than we expected!

Immediately welcomed by the on-site assistant who takes us to the room.

The room was very clean, with impeccable linen.

even the restaurant it was exceptional, we loved all the dishes.

It goes without saying that the beach it was like a postcard and the sea was fabulous.

Fishes from all sides and of all colors, we did not miss an excursion with fins and masks.

Marsa Alam villages

On return, all perfect flight, snack, baggage intact, and morale under the heels for having finished a marvelous holiday I had thanks to Submit!

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