Escursione alle piramidi from Sharm el Sheikh

Excursion to the Egyptian pyramids from Sharm el Sheik useful tips and impressions.

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Le Egyptian pyramids still today they contain the largest and never revealed mysteries of the world.

To welcome these wonders of the earth is the arid region of Cairo, a territory that the Egyptians define the West, as it is there that the sun sets and it is there where the soul finds rest.

Despite the long distance from Sharm, more and more tourists from all over the world ask to be able to visit the magnificent ones Egyptian pyramids.

In reality, the distance to be covered is about 600km.

If you choose to rely on land vehicles, you have to face the "superhighway", very long and full of pitfalls (unmarked works in progress, stretches of road without asphalt) and having to leave at night I anticipate that you will travel completely in the dark.

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I also tell you that parking areas are very rare!

So expect a very "heavy" trip that takes about 6 to 8 hours.

Personally I do not recommend the excursion to Cairo from Sharm to be done by bus or by plane (they are unreliable means!). My advice to those who want to visit the pyramids is to book a holiday entirely in Cairo distinct from the one to spend in Sharm.

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