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    Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt, excursion

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    Il Karnak site is located about 2,5 km south of the modern center Luxor. Karnak is the most important site in pharaonic Egypt and also the largest monumental complex.

    Enlarged by successive dynasties, development continued for beyond 1500 years and is today a collection of shrines, pylons and obelisks. In addition to temple of Amun, the site includes an incredible amount of buildings that testify to the importance of the city of Thebes.

    The complex consists of three zones fenced and distinct. The best preserved is the central one, thanks to the impressive restoration work, and is the part intended for the worship of the god Amon. Here is also found it sacred scarab, a large sculpture placed on a stone base. A legend links it to the fertility: if you go around the base 7 times, you could become parents within the year.

    The big hypostyle hall home 134 papyrus-shaped columns. The area is also called a forest of columns, also because the columns are tall here 23 meters, with a circumference of the capitals of 15 meters.

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