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Taba Red Sea Holidays

tan she is a beautiful one tourist resort located on the border betweenEgypt ed Israel Sharm El Sheiksulle responds to the Gulf of Aqaba 200 km away from.

It is known for its bathroom ed creeks picturesque and for the coastal landscape among the most beautiful of Red Sea.

Thanks to the opening of a international Airport with direct charter flights from Europe, tan it found itself experiencing a sudden coastal development and in fact it now hosts many hotels of major chains (including Hilton), making it one of the most popular locations in vacation in the Red Sea.

tan is located between Sinai mountain from the color of the saffron and the fresh and turquoise waters of the Red Sea, and is the ideal destination for those who want to avoid the mass tourism and for those looking for a relaxed atmosphere with the illusion of being on the edge of the world.

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In fact, thanks to its tranquil beauty, it is the perfect destination for holidays in the name of relax in riva al mare.

Taba what to see

La city ​​of Taba It is not only sea e beaches but it is also a very popular destination for culture and history and.

Let's see what to see and which are the major ones places of interest in Taba:

Isola del Faraone Taba

One of the main ones attractions of Taba is thePharaoh's Island and it is such that it simply leaves you breathless.

The small island, surrounded by the extraordinary acque cristalline del Mar Rosso in its time it was a Phoenician port.

The island and the castle have remained intact. There barrier surrounding the island is popular with both lovers of snorkeling both among divers.

Monastery of St. Catherine

Il Monastery of St. Catherine is located on the mount sinai and in 2002 it was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Particular hotels in the world

The building was dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria and it is the oldest surviving Christian monastery in the world.

Wishwashi Canyon Taba

Il Wishwashi Canyon was born between tan e Nuweiba and it is one of the most beautiful and evocative places in the area.

Also known as the Colored Canyon thanks to its intense colors, the Wishwashi Canyon it also has areas where, after the rains, real ones are formed natural pools.

Taba excursions

When you are on vacation we strongly advise you to give up a day at the beach by opting for one of the beautiful ones excursions which are organized by agencies very well prepared but above all very safe premises.

Let's see what the most beautiful excursions to do in Taba:

  • Jerusalem: from Taba it is possible to reach the Holy Land in a single day passing by Eliat and crossing the famous Arava Valley to the Dead Sea.
  • Petra Jordan: Taba was born in front of Jordan so it is possible to reach the enchanting Petra with a ferry that arrives as far as Aqaba and then proceed by bus to destination.

Taba Hotel, Resort and Villages

Let's find out now what are the Taba's best hotets, resorts and villages:

  • Movenpick Resort Taba - 5 stars
  • Hilton Taba Resort & Nelson Village - 5 stars
  • Taba Sands Hotel and Casino - 5 stars
  • Miramar Resort Taba Heights - 5 stars
  • Sofitel Hotel e Resort Taba Heights - 5 stars

Taba Egypt pictures and photos

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