Sharm el Sheik holidays information and advice

Holidays in Sharm el Sheik guide and safety tips, what to pack, excursions and what to eat.

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Where is Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheik is one of Resort best known and renownedEgypt, is bathed in the beautiful Red Sea and is located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula.

La city is the administrative center of the South Sinai Governorate and is composed of tourist villages and residences equipped with any kinds of comfort.

Sharm el Sheikh safety

According to reports from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sharm el Sheikh is safe you just need to respect a few advice e precautions.

11 most beautiful and interesting excursions to do in Sharm El Sheikh

I resorts and villages of Sharm el Sheikh they are super safe and to spend one quiet vacation in this beautiful place it is enough to organize excursions with local agencies and do not go out alone, especially in the evening, from accommodation.

Sharm el Sheikh what to pack

Sunglasses, hat, swimsuit, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, mask fins and snorkel. Don't forget a sweater for cool evenings.

What to eat in Sharm el Sheikh

Tasty and interesting food, typically of Arab cuisine.

Focaccia is a must aish, true basis ofEgyptian food.

Try the national dish based on dark beans, foul, As well as falafel, the characteristic meatballs, the fetir, in the sweet and
spicy and the tabbouleu, fresh salad made with parsley and semolina.

Among the drinks, the most characteristic is hibiscus tea, carcadè.

Sharm el Sheik excursions

Il sea it cannot be described with simple words and, we believe, not even with images.

La underwater life, already a few meters from the shore, it is incredible and unsuspected; just doing snorkeling you can attend fascinating shows in a continuous explosion of life and colors.

Emotions increase if, as we did, you try your hand at scuba tanks and snorkels: in just three days you can obtain a “basic” diving license at the hotel swimming pool.

Sharm on New Year's Eve: what to do, December temperatures and the best resorts

Among the things we recommend there is also the boat trip to the “ras mohammed” national park: we went there on a boat driven by two Egyptians along with about twenty people and it was an exhilarating experience; among the countless sightings of marine fauna we remember with pleasure and emotion that of a huge one sea ​​turtle, of a disturbing herd of barracudas and the spectacle of the Dolphins who followed our boat for a long way.

For more information on thanks to Sharm el Sheikh read the guide: EXCURSIONS AND ITINERARIES IN SHARM.

Sharm el Sheikh pictures



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