Sharm el Sheik, airport and documents

Since I will soon be in Sharm for vacation, I start taking information and sharing it. If you happen to go to Sharm you will always have a useful and updated post on the subject.

Let's start: chapter papers. For Sharm el Sheikh, tourist vacation, then travel, you can take with you or the passport with residual validity of at least 6 months, so it is not possible to enter with the passport expiration after 5 months, or even with the identity card valid for expatriation that is at least 2 months from the expiry date. For the identity card it is mandatory to also present two passport-size photos necessary to obtain a visa, without the photos the visa is not issued, so be careful.

Another important news is the identity card with extension slip, anyone who shows up with this certificate will not obtain an entry visa to the country, even the identity card with renewal stamp on the back it is no longer accepted.

Finally the visa it is required for everyone and it is mandatory. It must be requested at the Consulates and the Embassy of Egypt, for tourist trips are also allowed airports upon payment of 15$ or consideration in euros.

Travelers from Italy are not required no vaccination particular, but only in color from areas such as some Sub-Saharan or Western African countries are required certificates of vaccinations against yellow fever (older than one year).

La photo it has little to do with it, it's from my trip to the BVI, but it was the only one I had :)

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