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Holidays in Tahiti one of the most beautiful islands of French Polynesia

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Where Tahiti is

Tahiti is the largest of the islands of the wind area of French Polynesia and is located in the southern part ofPacific Ocean.

This wonderful island is the economic center, politician e cultural area of French Polynesia and with its 180.000 it is also the most populous of all.

La French Polynesia, a real one heaven on earth formed by low islands and high islands, rugged peaks and pink sands, cobalt blue, emerald green and pure white, a variety of landscapes and unparalleled beauties.

The 7 most beautiful islands of French Polynesia

Tahiti it is just the tip of this multifaceted diamond, an area that bridges Oceania and South America and is dotted with 118 islands divided into 5 archipelagos.

Geographically located in a range betweenequator and Tropic of Capricorn, they are scattered over 4 million square kilometers of ocean, an area that is equivalent to that of Europe.

Thaiti travel tips

Now we of the Forbookinglovers.com staff we will give you useful tips, suggestions, straight and all the information you need to make you spend one perfect vacation in Tahiti.

Tahiti Time Zone

The time difference from Spain is minus 11 hours, which becomes minus 12 when daylight saving time is in effect.

Tahiti climate and temperatures

Tahiti enjoys a climate pleasant as it is refreshed by the Pacific trade winds present all year round.

La temperature average is about 27 ° C while that of the water is always stable around 26 ° C.

During the year, two stand out seasons, one hot and humid, from November to March, the other drier from April to October.

How to reach Tahiti and airlines

From the Europe it's possible reach Tahiti with the following international airlines: Air France, Air Tahiti Nui e Air New Zealand arriving atFaa'a airport of Tahiti and ensure multi-weekly connections between Europe and Tahiti.

Tour of the Islands of French Polynesia

Language spoken in Tahiti

Il French and tahitian are the official languages.

English is widespread and spoken in hotels e shops.

Just equip yourself with a dictionary, and in any case if you choose to travel with an Italian operator there will always be an Italian guide who will assist you.

Tahiti Video

Tahiti Currency and Telephone Area Code

The currency in Tahiti is the French Pacific Franc (CFP) which maintains a fixed exchange rate with the Euro (1 EURO = 119,33 CFP).

Le legal tender currencies and the main ones credit cards are accepted in most of the hotels, restaurants, shops e tourist facilities.

A Tahiti are present international banks with branches in the main islands.

Il country code for French Polynesia it is +689.

Tahiti Vaccinations and Medical Assistance

For EC citizens they are not provided prophylaxis or vaccinations.

La French Polynesia it presents no health risk.

As far as the 'medical assistance in French Polynesia are available medical and dental services excellent level.

Are present pharmacies, private clinics and an equipped hospital in Tahiti.

Tahiti what to pack

Practical and light clothing is recommended, preferably in cotton.

Some clothes heavier ones will be useful for evenings by the lagoon or cruise or for the Mountain hiking.

Do not forget a couple of plastic shoes for walking on corals, sunglasses, hats, creme high protection and a mosquito lotion, useful in the wettest season.

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Tahiti pictures and photos

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