M & M's store in New York, in Time Square

M & M's Store in New York, a huge m & m's shop where you can taste the most delicious chocolates in history. A gourmet break in New York can only happen in this store.

THEM & M's store di New York it is a place that every sweet tooth cannot miss.

located Times Square 1660 Broadway, the beating heart of the big apple, M & M's store is a real attraction for every tourist in New York. Arranged on two large floors, outside it has a huge digital and animated advertising billboard, almost impossible to miss!

M & M's store in New York, in Time Square

The shop is free to enter and you only pay for what you buy inside. The timetable is continued every day of the week, including Sundays, from 9 in the morning until 24. Reaching it is very simple as with the subway just stop at Time Square station, one of the main stations in New York, where most of the subway lines stop.

The shop

Inside the store, a colorful and super greedy world awaits you. On the ground floor there are dispensers of M & M's and gadgets of all sorts and types: t-shirts, pajamas, caps, ties and underwear dedicated to the very funny M & M's world, but also: figurines, clutches, backpacks, mugs, pens and very nice gift boxes filled with candies of different colors and tastes.

M & M's store in New York, in Time Square

Upstairs, instead, there are large containers, real "do-it-yourself" giant size dispensers, from which you can take all the M & M's you want inside. special plastic bags. From containers with unicolor candies to those with mixed colors you can make your own packaging of M & M's customized with the colors and flavors of your choice.
From classic flavors such as hazelnut, dark and milk chocolate to “American” flavors such as almond, peanut, coconut and caramel you will be spoiled for choice!

M & M's store in New York, in Time Square

In M & M's store in New York your candy bags can be personalized in the true sense of the word. In addition to color and taste, you can choose between some images and phrases (selected by the shop) from print on your M & M's. Among the different phrases you will find for example: "big apple""I Love NY "," The Statue of Liberty ", as well as" New York Giants "," New York Jets "," New York Yankees "and"New York Mets".

In addition to the bags, you can fill the dispensers for sale in the shop with sweets, including the one in the shape of the Statue of Liberty (in New York is selling like hot cakes), in the shape of a heart, a star or a 24-hour briefcase. Prices vary depending on the weight of the candy. A medium-sized bag with about fifty M & M's inside, l'I paid $ 7,00 then about 5,00 euros. If you choose to fill a dispenser, the price is obviously higher. Being candy only the price could be lower but for once the price is acceptable.

M & M's store in New York, in Time Square

At the entrance of the store you will also be greeted by a giant M & M's disguised as Statue of Liberty with which you can have fun taking nice pictures. In the store there is also a wide selection of souvenirs, especially dedicated to children.

In addition to New York, M & M's world stores are also located in London, Henderson, Orlando and Las Vegas.
The M & M's store in New York is a place where you are enveloped by an overwhelming scent of chocolate so much that it is difficult to get away from there.

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