The SlotZilla attraction in Las Vegas: prices, times and requirements

The SlotZilla, located on Fremont Street, is one of the main attractions of Las Vegas. The launch tower and the 2 spectacular tyrolines can be considered a continuation of the Fremont Street Experience.

The SlotZilla tower is located beyond the end of the vault of the Fremont street experience. It can be compared to a 12-storey building (about 40 meters). The flight of the longest Tyrolean (over half a kilometer) ends at the bottom of the Fremont Street Experience, where there is a landing pad next to the city's historic casino, the Golden Gate.

Experience the SlotZilla and it is one of the best things to do in Vegas. The SlotZilla offers two ways to fly: the "Zipline" shorter, shorter, suitable for a quieter public and the "Zoomline" for an extreme experience, with a descent at about 60 km per hour.

The launch tower represents the Multi-million Dollar SlotZilla, And is the largest slot machine in the world. Some of the most important symbols of Las Vegas are drawn on the huge structure, such as dice, a martini glass, a pink flamingo, coins, video reels, a giant arm and two tissues.

The urban tyrolean SlotZilla in Las Vegas, in addition to being unlike any other experience in Las Vegas or the world, is a unique and visually striking experience. Here is a short video.


The Zipline is the lower and more "quiet" version of the attraction. The launch takes place at a height of 24 meters, in a seated position, as if clinging to a vine, like Tarzan. It lands halfway down the pedestrianized Fremont Street, between the Four Queens and Fremont casinos. The overall length of this tyroline is over 250 meters.


It is the most extreme version of the attraction, during the descent you reach a speed of 60 km / h. The launch takes place at a height of 35 meters in a horizontal position, like Superman. It "flies" along Fremont Street for an overall length of over 500 meters.


The cost of the ticket for the Zipline is $ 20

The cost of the ticket for the Zoomline is $ 40

Opening Hours

The time to access the Zipline and Zoomline goes 13 pm: 00 01 at: 00 of the night. Only on Saturdays the opening hours are extended until 02:00.


Age restrictions - Must be at least 13 years old. For those aged 13 to 16, it is necessary to be accompanied by a person over 16 years old.

Weight limits - The minimum weight to access is 22 kg while the maximum weight is 132 kg

Height limits - People taller than 2 meters cannot climb on the Zipline

The SlotZilla attraction in Las Vegas: prices, times and requirements
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