Where to sleep in Toronto: the best areas and the best hotels where to stay

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is the most cosmopolitan city in the whole of Canada. AND a major tourist destination all year round, offering endless activities to do and places, monuments, museums and attractions you can see.

Located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto it is the most populous city in Canada, with a population of almost 3 million inhabitants and over 6 million if we consider the entire Greater Toronto Area, which make it one of the most important metropolises in North America.

Choosing where to stay in Toronto is important, such as choosing the hotel to be as close as possible to a metro station, especially if you choose the hotel away from the center. Recall that the Toronto metro is one of the most efficient in North America, with four lines distributed throughout the city.

Thanks to the country's liberal immigration policies, Toronto is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities of the world. There are over 80 ethnic communities in the city. To put this in perspective, about half of Toronto's residents are born outside Canada.

If you visit the Niagara Falls it can be a good destination if you want to easily visit a large metropolis in Canada. Toronto is about 80 miles away from Niagara Falls, just under 130 km, an hour and a half by car.

Very often the city is part of the tour of the 4 most important cities of Canada: Ottawa (the capital), Montreal, Québec City and Toronto itself. This usually starts from the United States, passes through Canada from the border where Niagara Falls are located and then continues visiting these 4 great metropolises.

Best areas to sleep in Toronto

Toronto is made up of diverse and unique neighborhoods, and stretches for approximately 32 miles along the shores of Lake Ontario. The city it has a very simple grid structure for orientation in the movements.

The best areas to stay are Downtown, that is, the center of the city. The center offers much more to tourists, both in terms of things to see and do. But it is certainly also the most expensive area to sleep in.

If you want save on accommodation it is better to choose an area outside the center. If you choose a hotel away from the center, prefer the ones near the metro stop. In this way you can reach the city center in no time.

With regard to the safety, in general Toronto is a very safe city, whether you are staying in the center or outside of the center.

Downtown: Stay in the best hotels in downtown Toronto

Toronto's dense urban core. It includes many of the city's attractions and hotels. The best place to stay in Toronto is in the city center, where some of the city's top attractions are located, as well as a good range of hotels.

Another advantage of staying in the city center is having a great offer of restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as an interesting nightlife and the possibility of shopping during the day.

Where to sleep in Toronto: the best areas and the best hotels where to stay
Map of the best areas to sleep in downtown Toronto - Image by Shaundd from Wikimedia

Yonge-Dundas - the most comfortable and most expensive choice

Yonge-Dundas is the very heart of downtown Toronto. The area also represents the commercial and political heart of the city.

The main points of interest are: Yonge Street, the famous street reserved for shopping and other recreational activities; the Eaton Center, a shopping mall; the theaters where the most important shows are staged and the town hall.

It is certainly the most comfortable choice to stay, being the most central area of ​​all, but it is also the most expensive. We still have:

I migliori hotel a Yonge-Dundas

Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Bond Place Hotel

Chelsea Hotel Toronto

Pantages Hotel Toronto Centre

Entertainment and Financial Districts: the best choice where to sleep in Toronto

The heart of Toronto's financial and entertainment district includes some of the most important tourist attractions in the city, such as: the CN Tower, Rogers Center (formerly the SkyDome), Union Station and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

At night it is the best neighborhood for nightlife, with many parties, clubs and night clubs. Don't miss Fashion District, Toronto's fashion district.

I migliori hotel a Entertainment and Financial Districts

The Strathcona

Hotel Victoria

Hilton Toronto

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

Kensington-Chinatown: the economical choice for sleeping in the center

This neighborhood, made famous by one of the most beautiful Chinatowns in Canada, offers many shops, markets and restaurants, and some of the most famous bars in the city, where you can enjoy live music in the evening.

It is a quiet neighborhood with a wide range of budget hotels. Staying here you can easily reach the center, even on foot.

The best hotels in Kensington-Chinatown

The Alexandra Hotel

Chinatown Travellers

Super 8 by Wyndham Downtown Toronto

Kensington College Backpackers

Harbourfront: for lovers of luxury

This area is famous for its parks and for the many recreational activities you can do in the open air. Among the various things you can do: stroll along the shores of the lake, take a boat ride or take a ferry to reach the Toronto Islands, located in Lake Ontario.

It is one of the most exclusive areas to stay in Toronto. If you don't mind the expense and are looking for a luxury hotel, this is the right area. Most hotels have rates starting at $ 200 per night for a double room

The best hotels in Harbourfront

Radisson Admiral Toronto Harbourfront

The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto

Tulip SmartMents – Downtown Condo

Staying outside of downtown Toronto

As we have already said, staying outside the center is not a problem if you choose a hotel close to the metro stop, in order to easily reach the center, the airport and all other areas of the city.

North York: for an alternative choice to the center

This neighborhood is largely suburban, but with some areas that are also interesting for tourists. This area is one of the most elegant districts to stay in Toronto. You can find good hotels at economical rates.

North York has a unique charm being a city incorporated into the mega metropolis of Toronto, with its multicultural identity, being demographically, ethnically and culturally diverse.

The best hotels in North York 

Best Western Plus Toronto North York Hotel & Suites

Serenity Near Finch Station

Residence & Conference Centre – Toronto

Etobicoke: the best choice for cheap sleep in Toronto

An economically diverse suburb with interesting neighborhoods to discover such as: Markland Woods, the first residential community, located along Bloor Street West; Mimico-New Toronto-Long Branch and Rexdale-Thistletown-West Humber.

The most interesting area is still the Centennial Park, which offers a myriad of outdoor activities to do: skiing, cycling, frisbee, golf, go-karting, hockey, hiking trails, fishing, fields for football and baseball.

Among the advantages of the area, not only the vast and wide range of cheap accommodation, but also the proximity to the airport. This can be a convenience on both the day of arrival and the day of departure, if you are going to the city by plane.

The best hotels in Etobicoke

Queensway Motel

Deluxe Inn

Humber College Lakeshore Campus Residence

Best accommodation and budget hotels in Toronto

If you want to save on accommodation there are good hotel facilities and many cheap hotels, even with rates below $ 50 per night, which allow to contain travel expenses.

Between the best economic solutions, we have selected 6 hotels that in our opinion are the best choice for those aiming to reduce costs.

Humber College North Campus Residence a Etobicoke

Winlock Executive Suites a North York

Don Mills Guest House a North York

Star Villa a Etobicoke

Executive Flats & Units a North York

Fairview Home a North York

Where to sleep in Toronto: the best areas and the best hotels where to stay
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