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    Tips for a weekend at Lake Campotosto in Abruzzo

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    Lake Campotosto between Abruzzo and Lazio is the ideal place to relax, go trekking, indulge in good food and nature, here are some tips for a leisure and sporting stay in the heart of Abruzzo.

    If tranquility and nature is what you need, the Campotosto Lake is what you are looking for. In a strip of land on the border between Latium e Abruzzo, not far from L'Aquila, is the largest artificial lake in Abruzzo. Built in the Thirties and Forties for the production of electricity, it is made up of three dams and crossed by a road of about 40 km beaten by cyclists, cyclists and campers. Of the latter, the lake is very popular, with the consequent crowded rest areas and a reason for discontent on the part of many tourists.

    The roads to get to this beautiful part of central Italy are winding but come on breathtaking views: the state road 80 that connects L'Aquila with Teramo and the Adriatic side, the state road 577 from Amatrice or other minor roads from Montereale and Capitignano.

    The tourist can satisfy every need in all seasons: to do trekking among the peaks of Gran Sasso National Park and the Laga mountains, which rise majestically and proudly on the lake and on which there are paths for all levels of hiking, even if often with not clearly visible signs; reach the winter ski resorts of Campo Imperatore; find relaxation in the lakeside beaches, not equipped but easily accessible. In the summer months (where, however, the evening temperatures are low) the shores of the lake are inebriated by the scent of the numerous lit barbecues.

    Lake Campotosto is the ideal place for lovers of outdoor sports and camping. Mountain biking, trekking, canoeing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and horse riding, the latter well developed thanks to the passage of the Gran Sasso horse trail route (about 300 km long), are among the most frequent activities.

    During trips by car, motorbike or bicycle, it is not difficult to come across herds of horses crossing the narrow streets, often led by herdsmen who bring them back home. Pay close attention! The great charm of this area is generated by the wilderness and still minimally man-made, with the scents and flavors of tradition, from small semi-uninhabited villages that seem to have stopped in time, from the blue of the lake that changes color at different times of the day, from the white clouds on the peaks of the Gran Sasso and from the silence .. a silence so deep and incredible.

    Le accommodation facilities are few despite the increasing tourist load. Those who love camping will find in theAgricamping Cardito, in the municipality of Capitignano, a relaxing place with a unique view, with numerous pitches for tents and campers / caravans, with an adjoining restaurant and friendly and welcoming staff. Fair prices for great service.

    The inevitable gastronomic tastings with genuine and authentic flavors, which here enjoy the mixture of typical Lazio and Abruzzo products: from kebabs with mortadella of Campotosto, from the cheeses of goat all'amatriciana. There really is something for all palates! The prices of the few farmhouses or restaurants are absolutely affordable. And if you are lucky enough to "stumble" casually in a village festival.

    In this still little known but wonderful land, where you can still exchange words with shepherds and herders, where every slow gesture is a source of amazement, you can really feel good. In the simplicity and silence that now seem rare everywhere.

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