Genoa-Istanbul with Turkish Airlines

    Genoa-Istanbul with Turkish Airlines

    3 flights per week (Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday) but with the aim of reaching a daily flight within a year. Thus, with the opening the8 June destination Genoa-Istanbul at the airport Christopher Columbus, Italy has become the second most important country in the Turkish company's network after Germany.

    Since 1933, the year of its foundation, Turkish Airlines he has come a long way in the skies of half the world. It had only 5 aircraft, today it has 139 traveling to 180 destinations including 41 national and has been named "Best Airline in Southern Europe" in 2010.

    A strategy in full expansion which will also include the opening of 2 other Italian destinations in the summer, Naples, Torino, thus covering 7 of the busiest airports in our country.

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