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    Eat at the Locanda dell'Ambra in Talamello

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    Aina Prat Blasi

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    Talamello is a small municipality in the Valmarecchia, in the Rimini hinterland. At the center of its small village is the Amber Inn, a characteristic room in exposed stone and which, inside, hides a treasure, its amber: the pit cheese.

    In fact, at noon we found ourselves eating in a cozy and reserved small room of this restaurant, above its private seasoning pit. The proud owner told us that under our feet there were over seventy quintals of pit cheese, offered for sale in 22 euros per kilo. So do your math if we're not talking about a treasure.

    We were there to eat, as mentioned, and we chose a unique menu which consisted of:

    flan of scquacquerone on a fondue in the pit - porcini mushroom cream with bruschetta - tagliatelle with chestnut flour with forest mushrooms - buckwheat tortello with cabbage and speck - ravioli with fossa cheese - fossa with balsamic vinegar and fossa - cut with coarse salt from Cervia - baked veal shank - various side dishes - dessert of your choice - coffee, wine and water ... all this at a modest sum of 25 €. Everything was perfect including the quantities.

    Inside the inn you will also find a small shop to buy various agri-food products of the area, and if you have not taken away enough desire to pit you can buy them in quantity. The 5 November next will open the was in all Talamello, also that of Amber, and we can guarantee you that we are talking about one of the most particular cheeses of the Italian dairy world.

    Piazza Garibaldi, 28
    tel. 0541.920902
    cell. 338.2448718

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