Eating low cost in Siena: Osteria Permalico

If you always want to frequent restaurants loved by locals, here is an excellent tip for low cost eating in the historic center of Siena.

One of the things I focus a lot on while traveling is being able to explore the place I'm visiting through his typical dishes.
I especially like to discover where the locals eat, which dishes they recommend and which restaurants they frequent.
While there are some restaurants that I already know I want to try even before leaving, I also like to go blind and discover new and unexpected places by asking for advice once I arrive.

Eating low cost in Siena: Osteria Permalico

This long premise to say that thePermalico Osteria in Siena I just discovered it like this, asking advice from some Sienese I met by chance.

Eat low cost in the historic center

The restaurant is located in the historic center, just a few minutes' walk from Piazza del Campo and it is very popular. We arrived without a reservation around 15.00pm and I will tell you that all the tables were still occupied and we had to wait more than 15 minutes to be seated, but it was absolutely worth it.

Osteria Permalico is frequented by many young people, some tourists and many Sienese, the atmosphere that you breathe is sparkling and pleasantly chaotic and at the same time totally welcoming. All the staff, although busy, were very cordial and very nice, making the experience even more positive.

The origins of the name Permalico

The restaurant has its roots in the distant history of the Permalico soldier, who around 1260 lived on what his stable in via Costa Larga nr. 4 produced. After surviving the battle of Montaperti against the Florentines, Permalico decided to revolutionize his life by dedicating himself to his neighbor, becoming a friar and transforming his stable into an inn where until the end of his days he gave refreshment to the pilgrims who walked the Via Francigena to the vault of Rome.

The current tavern is still located in via della Costa Larga nr. 4, on the ground floor of a typical Sienese palace. The internal rooms still transmit a typical flavor and the furnishings follow the historic atmosphere of the tavern, transporting the guests back in time.

The proposals of the Osteria

But now let's talk about food! The dishes proposed are those typical of Tuscan cuisine: as appetizers we find local cold cuts and cheeses, Tuscan crostini and tartare. The first ones start great with the very typical ones pappa al pomodoro and ribollita and some off the menu (we have been offered dishes based on truffles) while in the latter you can choose between tripe alla senese and tuna from Chianti as well as several other meat proposals.

Eating low cost in Siena: Osteria Permalico

Eating low cost in Siena: Osteria Permalico

One can only end the meal with a nice portion of cantucci and vin santo! I found the prices of the dishes absolutely fair and low cost, allowing us to order a first course, a second course, two side dishes and wine by spending only 13 euros each.

I strongly recommend booking, in order to shorten waiting times and avoid the risk of not finding a table because a lunch or dinner here is really worth it.

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