Weekend in Perugia, we are looking for small tips

Tomorrow I will be for a weekend in Perugia and even if I've been there before, thanks to Umbria on the Blog, I am also looking for advice because this time they will not guide me around the city and therefore .... I will have to do it myself.

What I'd like to know is where to eat, what to do and above all where to have fun. I know that Perugia is not a huge city and two whole days will be enough for me to discover it at its best, but it is also one campus, so bring out some interesting clubs :)

Among the penny advice I am looking for bars, addresses, restaurants, prices. I'm interested in having something concrete to know to have two unique days.

I advice that they have already given me:

LucioLuci: “.. go from Faliero, the cake al testo da Maria, on Trasimeno .. "
TodiGuide: ".. Perugina Museum, Corciano, Lake Trasimeno, towards the south the Torgiano wine-oil museum ..."
mizi___: “… The excellent one Frittole winery in via Alessi, drink with cured meats and cheeses that you can only find from them, not to be missed ... "and" almangiarebene.com "

I await your advice now, me I am leaving tomorrow huh :)

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