California Bakery in Milan, an overrated brunch

I know that with this post I will not attract the sympathies of many, but unfortunately I have to say, for me the brunch di California Bakery it's a little overrated. Certainly California Bakery is in fashion at Milan, there are in fact 4 stores in the Lombard city and one was very close to my accommodation so I decided to book for Sunday brunch.

Everything gave me hope so much that of the 3 brunch shifts throughout the city of Milan the first two, that of 11 and 13, were already full. So I booked for the 15.15 shift and at 15 I showed up full of expectations.

I must say that the local is very nice, the staff is very kind and you can see that they know how to work in the midst of people: few waits, a lot of kindness and smiles, which is often not easy in front of a lot of people on Sundays. Brunch on the other hand has me left a little unsatisfied.

The brunch proposals are different, all on average around 20€ and what you get is a dish similar to mine in the photo above. Let's say a little expensive. 3 pieces of fruit: one of pineapple, one of strawberry and one of melon. In the photo they are barely seen, but I didn't eat them before doing it, I swear! On top of that on the plate were pancakes with salmon and eggs and a portion of fries and a sauce that I didn't quite recognize.

Water and juice and American coffee for side dish and the € 20 menu is done. For me a little too much, also because in the end I wanted to taste the cheesecake they told me so good in this place but looking at the menu it was fine 6€. A little too far away. Too bad, maybe the next face I'll just come back for a snack, will there be something under 5 €?

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