How (not) to move in Naples

This is certainly one of the most difficult posts for me to write: explaining to a non-Neapolitan how to move around my city. An arduous undertaking even for those who live there, let alone for those who want visit Naples and must optimize times.

Before explaining what the main ones are transport services of my city it is good to make a premise: the current condition of the transport service of the city of Naples and the Campania region is now on its knees: companies are on the move, if not to say on the verge of bankruptcy. In this regard, getting around has become very difficult because more and more often sections, stops or even lines are canceled. Beyond the hardship of the city, which is not a small one, there are the insiders who have not received their salary for months and who in some cases have seen closely the possibility of losing their jobs. Strikes and demonstrations are on the agenda, compromising even the normal one

Beyond the problems, reaching Naples means reaching Piazza Garibaldi: there you will find the railway stationand subway and circumvesuviana, while exiting there are the taxi he bus.


La Naples subway has two lines: Linea1 which connects Piazza Dante to Piscinola and the Line 2 which starts from Gianturco and arrives in Pozzuoli. It should be noted that Line 1 should start from University Station but since the Municipio stop is still missing, from Univesrità you can get to Toledo. To get around by subway you just need the Single Campania Band 1 ticket with a value of 1,30 €: valid for 90 minutes, can be stamped several times and in different means of transport. Tickets can be purchased not only in metro stations, but also from tobacconists and newsagents.

Cumana Railway

La Cumana connects the center of Naples to the flegrea coast, up to Torregaveta, a hamlet of Bacoli. Despite the bankruptcy of the company that ran it, the Eav, the service is still present although the rides have been drastically reduced. La Cumana leaves from Montesanto station, a few steps from Via Toledo and in the center of the dry Pigna district.

R2 bus

THEbus R2 is a sort of symbol of Naples: bus always packed with people, where small groups of old people try to attract girls, professional pickpockets, beggars, homeless people, students and workers who have to take this bus to get to their workplace. Coming out of the clichés, I tell you that it is a very busy route and it is "normal" that unpleasant episodes may occur: if there is a choice, I recommend that you take another vehicle. An example is tram 1 which, passing through Piazza Garibaldi, along Via Marina, will take you a few steps from the Maschio Angioino.


If you want to move from Naples to the Neighboring countries there is the CircumvesuvianaRates vary according to destination, but there are problems here too. Lines are not always insured and can sometimes be canceled. But do not be disheartened: on leaving the station there are the Sita bus stops that can take you around Campania with the same ticket.

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