One of the best ice cream shops on Lake Garda

    One of the best ice cream shops on Lake Garda

    If you like the Garda Lake , but above all, if you are a fanatic of gelato, here is a post suitable for you.

    A Riva del Garda, on the northernmost shore of the beautiful Lake Garda, where I was born, there is a famous place and it is an ice cream shop.

    Is called Flora ice cream parlor and is located in Viale Rovereto 54, very close to beautiful beaches (because in Riva del Garda there are beaches!) and ten minutes, depending on your pace, from the city center.

    It is a historic place that creates and produces the best ice cream in the area by all accounts.

    The recently renovated outdoor space is large, modern and essential and hosts many tables under a veranda, while inside the furniture is rather classic and in shades of cream. Here I am already thinking about the flavors of ice cream .. Because one of the peculiarities of this artisan ice cream parlor is its menu. In fact, in addition to the classic cones and baskets, it offers more than 60 different cups based on ice cream, fruit, creams, biscuits and many other ingredients. Ice creams that are true works of art.

    These super elaborate cups obviously cost a little more than common ice cream but I challenge you to eat one whole. A sundae here is easily equivalent to a lunch. I think I've never been able to finish a whole one. And I know many people who sometimes like to reward themselves with ice cream-only dinners at this ice cream parlor.

    In addition, last March 8, it also opened a "branch", also in Riva del Garda, which is called Flora Downtown and is located in the center in Viale Dante 38. This second place, however, offers only the take away version of the delicious ice cream.

    Highly recommended!

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