Rhodes and its wonders

    Rhodes it is the capital of the Aegean island complex, known as the Dodecanese, it is also the largest, covering an area of ​​1.398 km2. The east coast is the warmest while the west coast is the most windy. Rhodes, despite the presence of plains and some fertile valleys, is a mountainous island.

    Rhodes owes to its latitude all the privileges of the Mediterranean climate with mild winters characterized by abundant rains, while summers are cool thanks to the sea breeze and strong winds, which characterize all the islands of the Aegean Sea.

    The city of Rhodes is very easy to discover even if you are on foot. Beyond the medieval city where every small street is full of charm there are beautiful places and very interesting routes to visit. The classic place from which to start visiting the city is undoubtedly the port of Mandraki, which allows you to admire a whole series of buildings built during the fascist occupation as well as the characteristic mills of Rhodes.

    To admire a magnificent view of the whole city and the sea surrounding Rhodes you have to walk up to Monte Smith. Surely the best time to visit it is just before sunset to have the opportunity to admire a truly unforgettable sight.

    Rhodes is famous for the variety of its beaches suitable for every need, with long tongues of golden and grainy sand such as the beach of Tsambika to ultra-mileage beaches such as that of Faliraki, there are also panoramic coasts, framed by suggestive rocks such as that of Anthony Quinn in Ladikò.

    The coast can sometimes be rocky and jagged, but decorated by the Mediterranean scrub, which alternates with wide or narrow traces of sand and pebbles smoothed by the sea.

    If you are not fond of windsurfing, head to the south coast of the island that goes from the city of Rhodes to Prasonissi where the sea is warm and the waters are calm, while the northern part is the most windy and with rough sea.

    The island of Rhodes is not only synonymous with beach holidays, because at every corner it is possible to discover extraordinary landscapes, buildings of a unique architectural style and places full of traces of a splendid past such as the numerous medieval churches and the extraordinary landscapes in the part central of the island where the local folklore is divided from the more touristic coastal part.


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