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If you are not a fan of nightlife and chaos, you don't have to give up the beauty of Mykonos. Read the post and go and discover it from mid-April!

When you are talking about Mykonos we tend to associate it exclusively with the nightlife that made this island the most famous of the Greek ones, but what if I told you it's time to dispel this myth?

Mykonos is also fun, but above all deserted beaches and seaside taverns all for you. Impossible? The answer is no, if you choose well when to go.

In this article I want to tell you about my experience on the island in a trip that took place in the first days of May and give you some advice on how to enjoy it to the fullest out of season.

Mykonos out of season

What few people know is, in fact, how Mykonos gives its best in the spring months, when any tourist is planning how to survive in the total frenzy of July or August.

As for the climate, May is a month in which the temperature during the day is never too high, perfect for enjoying the sun on the beach without suffering too much from the heat; temperatures tend to drop during the night and the presence of Meltemi, the island wind, makes the evenings cooler.

Mykonos Town from mid-April

From about mid-April, the island's merchants open their restaurants, supermarkets, shops and slowly start preparing for the summer season, so don't worry, you will not find anything closed, especially a Mykonos Town, which is the main city on the island and is always alive at any time of day or night.

Its center is characterized by narrow streets, full of small shops and houses all strictly white with doors, windows and railings of a bright blue color.

Stroll through the alleys without fear of getting lost, because no matter which street you take, they will all lead you to Little Venice, a unique place full of restaurants and bars close to the water; take a tour even in the late afternoon, choose the place you like best and admire the sunset over the sea while sipping a good drink.

Mykonos is relatively small and my advice is to rent a scooter (or a quad, which here is the most popular) to be able to turn it in total autonomy and reach the most beautiful and hidden places.

The most beautiful beaches

And now let's move on to the beaches, of which the island is full and it becomes really difficult to decide which is the most beautiful.

What struck me most was Agia Anna Beach, perhaps due to the fact that, hard to believe, it was all for me; the only noise that could disturb me was that of the waves of the sea. To make this cove even more special, it is the presence of Nikolas Taverna restaurant; among the many free tables, I chose the one that allowed me to enjoy the very fresh grilled fish with your feet literally in the sand: an unforgettable experience.

Another noteworthy beach is Agios Stosis larger than the previous one and more "crowded" (there must have been about ten people); reachable by a staircase from the beach is located Kiki's Taverna, restaurant that offers a breathtaking panoramic view and tasty typical Greek dishes.

After spending days in absolute relaxation, don't miss out Paradise Beach, a very different place from the two I described above. Say goodbye to the deserted beaches for a moment and savor another aspect of the island, the one that then made it so famous: people come to Paradise Beach mainly to have fun and dance in one of the many bars that organize its Beach party.

The beach is always full of young people ready to party but, unlike the summer months, in May you can still enjoy the music without having to worry about too much chaos.

If you haven't had such an experience yet, add Mykonos to yours travel list, follow the advice I have given you and I assure you that, if you live the island as I did, you will want to go back once again ... strictly out of season.

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