Sleeping in Paros for 40 € per night

    Sleeping in Paros for 40 € per night

    Turning for Paros I found a little house that struck me very much and by chance, wandering around the web, I discovered only later, once back in Italy that that little house can actually be rented on AirBnB for only € 40 per night. The area in which it is located is wonderful, next to a church and in the extreme tip of the town of Paros.

    The port can be reached in 5 minutes on foot and the historic center of the town of Parilkia is around the corner. The location is perfect and honestly the house too, at least from the outside, also because it struck me a lot and I managed to recognize it, indeed it ended up in mine Paros videos!

    To look at the interior looks really nice, so what about, if you go to Paros, take a look at this accommodation, the location is excellent, I guarantee it;) Good Greece.

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