Cantucci and Bruttiboni with Vinsanto, the typical biscuits of Prato

    Not everyone knows that the very famous Cantuccini are the typical Prato biscuits. The traditional ones, those with almonds, are to be eaten at the end of a meal with a nice glass of vinsanto.

    In the historic center of the Tuscan city, there is still the shop since 1858 packs the blue packs and prepares the cookies in the laboratory behind: it is theEmporio Antonio Mattei, confidentially called the Mattonella by the people of Prato. Only here you can buy the originals, as well as numerous other products that have enriched the production over time: Bruttiboni (another type of traditional biscuits), cantucci with different flavors and excellent cakes for breakfasts or snacks, such as braid and valance.

    In the banking district of Prato, just outside the center, the Branchetti biscuit factory, linked to one of the best bakeries in Prato. A little cheaper than Mattonella and in my opinion, tastier if you like softer cantucci. Great for gift wrapping with Holy wine Antinori.

    Finally, I point out one last dealer, the Steno di Vaiano oven. The official shop is located about ten kilometers from Prato, but in the historic center of the city, the shop of typical flavors also sells its products. In this case, i Jamaica, tozzetti with rum and chocolate, and the Sassi della Calvana, soft biscuits with different flavors: hazelnuts, chestnut flour and pine nuts, candied lemons, raisins and vinsanto.

    In the Prato area, eating biscuits is a consolidated tradition: who knows if it will also become one on your tables.

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