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    Where to sleep in Tallinn: Domina In Ilmarine

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    THEDomina Inn Ilmarine hotel di Tallinn it is by no means a noteworthy hotel, but it is a good alternative for a quiet and relaxed stay.

    The Hotel is located just outside the walls of the old city, really a few steps away, so easy to reach, both with mezzi, both for those who return from the “city center” on foot in the evening. The Hotel has the characteristic of being also in two steps from the port of Tallinn. A jump to the port, if only to see that part of the sea, is there. Coming back to the hotel this is quite great, has a part of rooms and a part of small apartments also on two floors. The structure is a bit extravagant, but not in the decor, but rather in the location. There breakfast is good, salty and sweet, with juices and sweets typical of the area.

    Inside the hotel there is also a wellness center with beautician and anything else that I have not tried. Overall the hotel which is a 3 stars, it's nice and the price is valid. Within the city of Tallinn for this price you probably won't find better.

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