Estonia, Tallinn tour in one day

A tour of Tallinn in 1 day will allow you to visit its enchanting old town and discover its most fascinating corners. Here's what to see on a 1-day Tallinn tour.

Tallinn it is a city that looks like something out of a history book. Not surprisingly it is Unesco World Heritage from 1997.

Estonia, Tallinn tour in one day

Estonia, Tallinn tour in one day

Surely its most evocative part is the historic center, with medieval buildings and the atmosphere of ancient times that you breathe while walking through its streets. The area is not very big and you can turn quietly walking.

The historic center is divided into two areas: toompea, the upper part, e Vanaliin, the lower part or old town. Walk along the "Pikk Jalg", long road that crosses the old city and where there are the most interesting ancient buildings.

If you are just passing through and want to visit Tallinn in 1 day, here are some stages that you should not miss.

Estonia, Tallinn tour in one day

Estonia, Tallinn tour in one day

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The dark dome of this impressive Orthodox cathedral is unmistakable and can be seen from afar.

It is located in the upper area of ​​Tallinn and dominates the city. You can enter for free but you cannot take photographs inside.

Toompea Castle

Toompea Castle is of medieval origin and once housed the rulers of the city. Now it is the seat of the Estonian government.

Estonia, Tallinn tour in one day

View from Toompea Hill

Toompea, the area of ​​the city where the cathedral and the castle stand, is a hill of about 30 meters. And from here you can enjoy wonderful views over the roofs of the city. Kothu it is the best place to admire the beauty of the old city below.

Raekoja Plats

Descending from Toompea, you will reach Raekoja Plats, once a market square and meeting point for the citizens.

Here you will notice the Tallinn Town Hall, in Gothic style, with its typical metal weather vane on the spire.

The interiors can only be visited at certain times.

Estonia, Tallinn tour in one day

Also in the main square, you will find another of the top attractions not to be missed on your Tallinn in 1 day tour. This is the municipal pharmacy, the oldest in Europe to be still active.

Consider that it has been open since 1422 and inside still exhibits the medicinal herbs and compounds used over the centuries.

St. Olav's Church

The bell tower of the Gothic St. Olav's Church was thetallest building in Europe for several years. It is about 120 meters high and is the perfect place for a 360 degree view over the city.

Very interesting to see also the Bastion Tunnels, underground tunnels used during the Swedish rule for the passage of troops during the attacks. You can visit them from Tuesday to Sunday by paying a ticket of 9 euros or with the Tallinn Card.

Finally, you cannot fail to notice the complex and extensive wall system which was used to defend the city in medieval times. Today there are still 2 kilometers of walls and about twenty watchtowers that line the city.

Estonia, Tallinn tour in one day

Estonia, Tallinn tour in one day

And if your Tallinn in 1 day tour still gives you some time, head just outside the old town, into the Rotermann. Former industrial area now revalued and become one of the most modern in the city.

Here is also the interesting architecture museum of Tallinn.

To end the day, try Estonian cuisine in one of the many excellent restaurants in Tallinn. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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