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Via San Gregorio Armeno History and places to visit

La Via San Gregorio Armeno it is one of the narrow streets in the center historian of Naples where are artisan shops who sell nativity scenes and shepherds of all kinds.

Popularly called San Liguoro, this street reflects what are the canons of Greek architecture which, in fact, characterizes the whole historic center of Naples.

In Via San Gregorio Armeno  you can visit the bell tower of the homonymous church that overlooks the street, which rises above the level of the same and, the aforementioned bell tower, acts as a bridge connecting the two convents (church and monastery) dedicated to San Gregorio Armeno.

I cribs of San Gregorio Armeno have a decidedly remote origin as, in that street, at the time, there was a temple dedicated to Cerere and the citizens, as a vote, offered terracotta statuettes bought and manufactured in the shops of that neighborhood.

Visiting Naples tips

Obviously the origins of the Neapolitan crib do not go back to that time but to the early eighteenth century.

Currently San Gregorio Armeno is known all over the world thanks to the craft shops that exhibit and sell both statuettes and entire nativity scenes both regarding religious figures and decidedly current figures and, every year, the slightly more eccentric and modern artisans give life to statuettes with the appearance of illustrious characters of politics, television and world football.

San Gregorio Armeno how to get there

Get to San Gregorio Armeno it's very simple; starting from the central station you have to cross the opposite Piazza Garibaldi to reach Corso Umberto (commonly called Rettifilo).

After walking for about 10 minutes you arrive at the height of via Duomo, and climb it until you reach the height of Spaccanapoli or, shortly after, via dei Tribunali.

The choice of where to turn is indifferent, as the road connects the two decumani perpendicularly.

Alternatively, still from the central station, you can take the metro line 1 and get off at Piazza Dante.

From there continue on to Port'Alba and along via dei Law courts.

An advice; during the Christmas time it is best to leave or park your car and follow the instructions above.

San Gregorio Armeno when to go

The exhibitions of cribs of San Gregorio Armeno they usually begin during the period of Christmas festivities.

Naples where to eat well and spend little

In recent years, given the large influx of visitors from all over the world, San Gregorio Armeno opens its exhibitions from November until January 6.

San Gregorio Armeno timetables

During the holiday season the workshops and shops of San Gregorio Armeno they will open from 9:30 to 19:00 except for the very last days before Christmas which will close later.

La Church will remain open on weekdays from 9:00 to 12:00 and on holidays from 9:00 to 13:00.

Il Cloister will remain open every day from 9:30 to 12:00.

Naples what to do and what to see

For all the tourist information on this magnificent city see Visiting Naples tips.

Naples restaurants

To know the best restaurants, osterie e Inns where to taste the real Neapolitan pizza and the renowned typical dishes Neapolitan cuisine consult Naples where to eat well on a budget or Naples where to eat fish well.

Images of San Gregorio Armeno nativity scenes

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