Trakai Castle an exciting excursion in Lithuania

    For a vacation in Lithuania, an excursion to be made absolutely is to go to the small Trakai village, with the visit of a castle unknown to the western world, which takes the name of the homonymous town. The indications can also be received in any hotel, restaurant, tourist center of Lithuania, through various brochures and posters.

    The itinerary includes the departure from the city of Vilnius, with departure from the bus stop located in front of the main entrance of the Cathedral, reachable along the entire via Gedemino. Based on the requests and organizational needs, you can choose minibuses with guide in English or the local language. One of the agencies set up is the “Senamiescio Gidas” which carries out transport with guide at 100 litas.

    The castle is located in one suggestive area, with a small harbor surrounded by rich vegetation: the color of the bricks makes the castle particularly enchanting at sunset and easily visible from the road. The impact with the lake is truly amazing, it looks like a huge mirror of a cobalt blue, that on sunny days and clear skies, everything around it is mirrored inside, creating a double image.

    The interior is well preserved with a complex floor plan. The present exhibitions are interesting, in particular the one on the construction and three-dimensional reconstruction of the castle. Unfortunately, being one of the most popular attractions in the country, there is always one crowd of visitors, this implies arriving in the area early in the morning; nice stalls with local handicraft products placed before the bridge leading to the castle. There are also two restaurants where you can taste the famous Lithuanian “zeppelins” with a few litas (local currency).

    THEarchitecture of the place she is very poor; along the road that leads to the lake you come across small wooden houses, which always have three windows on the street front, a small peculiarity that is widespread throughout the nation.

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