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    Antequera, one of the most beautiful historic cities of Andalusia, it is located in the heart of the Region at the foot of high mountains, about 50 kilometers from Malaga, and is recognizable by its incredible skyline, characterized by over thirty bell towers. The ancient city, dominated by the imposing Arab citadel and from the Basilica of Santa Maria, it experienced its moment of greatest development and wealth between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

    In Old Town, among beautiful churches, monasteries, hermitages and stately homes stand out the eighteenth-century Palazzo Najera, now home to the Civic Museum, the Palace of the Marquesses of La Pena, a mix of Mudejar and Renaissance style, and the Catalinas Convent. The splendid Royal Collegiate Church of Santa Maria La Mayor, built between 1514 and 1550, overlooks Plaza de Escribanos.

    A huge limestone cliff 880 meters high, the Lovers' Sorrow, stands in contrast with the center and is surrounded by a legend that tells an impossible love story. In addition, more than 50 monuments dating back to the Bronze Age, including the Menga Dolmen, 25 meters long, 4 meters wide and made up of 32 stone slabs weighing 180 tons, the Dolmen de Vierae and Dolmen de Romeral, are located just outside Antequera.

    The area is also rich in natural reserves among which we point out El Torcal, with three paths that wind through a breathtaking landscape of karst rocks, and the lake of Fuente de Piedra, famous for being one of the two places where large pink flamingos reproduce.

    Easily accessible by car, bus and train from Granada, Seville, Osuna, Ronda and Cordoba, the closest airport to Antequera is Malaga airport.

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